Us VOGUE has published a popular post on Hanfu, or Traditional Chinese clothing, and south Korean netizens have come under fire.

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(Observer network news) New Year’s day, the United States magazine a Hanfu popular science posts, so that some South Korean netizens and double 叒 yi…On Feb 2, Us fashion magazine VOGUE updated its Instagram feed to introduce its fans to hanfu, which has become popular in China in recent years.However, many South Korean netizens took to the comment section to hurl abuse, claiming that hanbok is “copied in China”.After the incident caught the attention of Chinese netizens, they rushed to VOGUE’s Instagram comment section to respond to South Korean netizens.Even Some Japanese netizens were not amused, Posting messages of support that Koreans were stealing Chinese and Japanese culture in order to “overcome their inferiority complex.”Hanfu, which is defined by the reign of the Han Chinese in ancient China, is increasingly popular on social media, with the topic “Hanfu” being viewed more than 4.89 billion times on Weibo, while videos of hanfu have been viewed more than 47.7 billion times on Tiktok, the Chinese version, VOGUE said in the post.The “Hanfu movement” is led by China’s fashionable youth, with the number of hanfu enthusiasts almost doubling from 3.56 million in 2019 to more than 6 million in 2020, According to VOGUE.Some South Korean netizens flooded the comments section of VOGUE’s post, calling it Hanbok and claiming that “China is copying hanbok.”Another pointed the finger at VOGUE, saying: “As a global magazine, aren’t you ashamed that you haven’t studied history well?”The incident also spread to South Korea’s own forum “The Qoo”, where a number of South Korean netizens continued to abuse and distort history.Others called on South Korean netizens to report the VOGUE post.Many South Korean media also followed up the speculation.VOGUE described Hanbok as Hanbok and called it one of The traditional Chinese clothes, reported Korea s Instight website. Many netizens expressed disappointment over VOGUE s repeated appearance of Hanbok.In the same vein as The Insight, a South Korean newspaper called the Daily Safety Newspaper (Clothes Leader 안전 문) finds the words hanbok = Traditional Chinese clothes in the title.VOGUE said in its post that the photos it used in hanfu originated from Chinese vlogger @Shiyin Shiyin.In November 2020, when the “Shining Warm” Hanbok incident sparked controversy, @Shiyin released a video in English to fight back against the argument that “Hanbok originated from Hanbok” hyped by some South Korean media and netizens. The video has received nearly 500,000 hits.On March 8 last year, @Shiyin gave an interview to VOGUE magazine about Hanfu culture.There are also a number of hanfu garments, such as a long-necked robe, a horse-faced skirt and a tufted fan.The VOGUE Instagram post used a photo from that story.In recent years, Korea has repeatedly hyped Hanfu and porcelain Hanfu.In the past, many Korean netizens argued that Hanbok originated from Hanbok in the hanbok incident of “Shining warm hanbok” and the Hat incident of “Guang · Yu”.Not only Hanfu, but also Korean traditional clothing.Last September, Xu Jingde, a professor at Sungshin Women’s University in South Korea, wrote a letter to Baidu protesting that Traditional Korean clothing had been labeled as “Korean traditional clothing” by Baidu Baike and listed as “one of China’s national intangible cultural heritage.”After reviewing all kinds of materials including historical documents and objects, hanbok was refuted by saying, Hanbok was formed in the Lee Dynasty of Korea, corresponding to the Ming Dynasty of China.The clothing of the Korean royal family was given by the Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, known as the Great Ming dynasty ‘gifu’.In the process of cultural exchange, Hanbok learned and used many characteristics of Ming dynasty costumes for reference.In other words, ancient Korea did not have its own dress system. It was only by improving the Ming dynasty dress that the costumes in ancient Korean dramas were formed.”In addition, famous South Korean fashion designer Chang Myeong-sook also said in a variety show that South Korean clothes came from China, and the dress style of the South Korean king should be on the same level as that of the son of the Chinese emperor.After the VOGUE incident caught the attention of Chinese netizens, many responded in the comment section to these attacks smearing South Korean netizens in China.History was taught to a group of South Korean netizens in Chinese, English and Korean.”Successive dynasties on the Korean Peninsula were under the direct rule of Chinese dynasties for a long time, or were reduced to vassal states…”Japanese netizens also claimed that South Korea steals a lot of culture from China and Japan to shape its own national identity and “overcome its sense of inferiority.”VOGUE instagram comments screenshot from @Shenzhen Xiaotian This article is an exclusive article, shall not be reproduced without authorization.