After starting the network in Mexico, the extremely free operation network has covered 11 countries!What is it planning?

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J&T Express (” J&T Express “) today announced its presence in Latin America and the launch of its service in Mexico.So far, The global operation network of Polar Rabbit Express has covered 11 countries.Starting in 2022, Polar Rabbit officially announced the launch of its express delivery network in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.As a domestic and overseas multinational express delivery enterprise, what kind of bureau is Polar Rabbit in the end?What is the rabbit’s plan?As a newly established logistics company in March 2020, Jiutu has achieved amazing growth:In June 2020, October 2020 and early 2021, the daily orders of Qitu exceeded 5 million, 10 million and 20 million respectively. Compared with zTO, the largest company in Tongda, it took more than 10 years for the daily orders to grow from 0 million to 20 million, while Qitu only took 10 months.The performance of Ji Rabbit has aroused strong interest in capital.In November 2021, Polar Rabbit raised $2.5 billion at a valuation of $20 billion.For reference, zTO Express, with an annual income of $3.5 billion, has a market value of $24 billion in the same period, while SF Express, with an annual income of $24 billion, has a market value of $47 billion. Qitu has surpassed STO, YTO, Yunda, etc., and is close to Zto, which is half of SF Express.In December last year, It acquired best Group’s Express delivery business in China for 6.8 billion yuan. Combined with the two, It has a market share of nearly 15%, making it one of the “top tier” in China.However, as an enterprise founded in Indonesia and then returned to China for development, Ji Rabbit’s goal is further, the layout of international express company began.In 2015, with the support of OPPO Indonesia channel, Qiutu rapidly expanded into the Indonesian market.Today, it serves more than 100 million users in Indonesia.In 2018, The company expanded into Vietnam and Malaysia;In 2019, the Philippines, Thailand and Cambodia went live;Singapore and China will be officially opened in 2020;In early 2021, Polar Rabbit International announced its establishment.It is the first time to introduce a full set of intelligent sorting system in Southeast Asia. It is the first time to promote the establishment of regional transshipment + regional distribution + branch collection and delivery in Southeast Asia. It is the first time to realize 365 days of year-round business in Southeast Asia.Completed the network layout of 7 southeast Asian countries in 4 years, with excellent local operation advantages and overseas replication ability.At the beginning of this year, Polar Rabbit started to launch delivery markets in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, indicating that the company’s previous development plans in the Middle East and South America are on the agenda.It has also hitched a ride on Shopee, southeast Asia’s largest e-commerce platform, underpinning a global logistics network that is the direction of Its business.(Photo from the Internet) Why can quickly seize the overseas market?Why can polar rabbit quickly occupy the overseas market?There is a certain logic behind this.The overseas layout of domestic express enterprises can not be separated from two ways, one is to join the mode, let overseas franchisees borrow their express signs, their own business.But because it is not directly managed by express delivery companies, there are often many problems, leading to bad reputation among users.The second is the direct operation mode, such as JINGdong Logistics, logistics warehouses are built all over the country, direct management.But need to spend huge manpower, material resources, financial resources, capital recovery time is long.Extremely Rabbit has wisely absorbed the two approaches. Extremely Rabbit has its own terminal network in various countries to ensure controllable service quality. Meanwhile, it adopts the franchise model with a high degree of regional autonomy to complete localization.In the Chinese market strategy, Extremely Rabbit is obviously much more cautious, initially did not reach a cooperation with Ali, has been avoiding any platform.When the extremely rabbit just entered the Chinese market, in the face of the competition between Fight more and Ali at that time, in a dilemma, both eager to Amoy order injection, but also worried about and ali go too close to trigger fight more concerns.Polar Rabbit finally made a risky choice, requiring franchisees to build their own collection points, which cost at least 500,000 yuan per site.However, in the long run, measures such as optimizing outlets, improving services, intensifying assessment and forcing the establishment of collection points have effectively alleviated the distribution pressure and reduced operating costs.In the short term, the cost is very high, but in the long term, it is cheap to capture the market, even without Ali, Ji Rabbit can survive.Moreover, during this period, Pinduoduo still gave ji Rabbit an opening: 20% of the order volume to Ji Rabbit.As a logistics service provider, Qitu may expand its business more vigorously in the future. For example, in Dubai, Qitu will integrate offline small logistics providers, so as to create a wide gap with other express delivery systems by combining online customer ordering, offline ordering and delivery, and door-to-door delivery.The nature of logistics industry is still inseparable from the labor-intensive business nature behind manual distribution, and the deep cultivation and meticulous work of Extremely rabbit is obviously very beneficial.Can Jitu carry the banner of globalization of Chinese express?Previously, Polar Rabbit Express’s express network has covered 10 countries and regions including China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.With the successful launch of the first Latin American station in Mexico, the company will further deepen its efforts in emerging markets and expand its global layout in the future.”As a next-generation express logistics company with an international gene, J&T Polar Rabbit attaches great importance to the Latin American market,” said Hou Junyi, vice president of J&T Polar Rabbit Express Group.The launch in Mexico is an important step for Polar Rabbit to expand its global network layout.The successful launch of Jiutu in Mexico has again verified the advantages of jiutu’s agency franchise mode in the expansion of express network.In the future, we hope to create differentiated advantages and provide customers with the ultimate logistics experience through refined local operations, unique management model and technology empowerment.””As a major logistics hub in Latin America, Mexico is the headquarters of many Latin American enterprises and an important strategic channel for Polar Rabbit to expand into the Latin American market,” said Ryan Zhang, Head of Polar Rabbit Express Mexico.This launch is another milestone in The internationalization strategy of Qiu, and we will create a joyful receiving experience for our customers in Mexico through efficient and quality service.”But actively “go out” is not only a rabbit, in southeast Asia, for example, zhongtong join fedex model duplication to Cambodia, myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, the five countries, but proprietary network density, market share, compared with a rabbit has a long distance, after all, a rabbit end send coverage in southeast Asia ranked first at present.Sf Express, a big Courier, goes the other way.After the acquisition of Kerry, kerry has acquired the logistics network of Thailand, which is still able to play in speed and channel.However, Extremely Rabbit international has also opened direct flights from Hong Kong to New Delhi, Nanjing to Los Angeles, Shenzhen to Paris and other regions, step by step to expand its international advantages.It is too early to assert that Polar Rabbit is carrying the banner of globalization of China’s logistics industry.But it has to be said that this rapid layout of the Polar Rabbit model has some results.For Jutu, success is not measurable in the short term, at least from the perspective of globalization, jutu is faster and more efficient than other domestic logistics industry globalization.(Source: Express Toutiao, Blue Technology, Jiemian News)