Manchester United better blame the referee than Maguire!Implicate varane first ball invalid, error sends the other side goal

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The referee and VAR have ruled against the Reds for two consecutive games, including optional handball against middlesbrough in the FA Cup and burnley in the Premier League, as well as ambiguous offside and foul calls.Middlesbrough’s goal stood, united’s two goals were disallowed.With ole Gunnar solskjaer gone, United seem to have lost the good fortune of winning penalties over the past two seasons and benefiting from VAR, returning to the form they were targeted by referees under Jose Mourinho and Louis van Gaal.But from a rule point of view, the three decisions were not wrong and United can only blame themselves for not getting the details right.And rather than blame referees beyond their control, united’s own players should take the blame.The chief culprit for united’s failure to win was captain Maguire.On the offensive end, he was in an offside position and made contact with opposing player Jay Rodriguez to deny that he was offside.In defence, he went for The burnley centre forward, Weghorst, was turned around and sent a great pass. The £80m defender came back to tackle rodriguez, who had the ball in his hand, but he was thrown away again and scored.In the game, Maguire made another defensive error, once again getting passed by Rodriguez, and had to foul to prevent a lone strike.Referee Mike Dean showed no red card but a yellow card.Legendary United centre-back Rio Ferdinand also blamed Maguire for the goal after the match.”The goal Manchester United conceded, from Harry’s point of view, was abysmal defensively and he has to take responsibility for that.Ferdinand said, “and just after the center line of the tactical fouls, he has to stay in court belong to lucky. The performance of the game, he will surely not satisfied, I don’t know if it is euro sequela, he from the physical and mental are unstable, with his position should not be so. Of course, not only the maguire, the team must also be responsible.”Ferdinand elaborated:”McTominay was already on the defensive, maguire was trying to slow him down, not rush him up, and his wrong choice gave him a chance to show his skill, and Weghorst sent a deBraunay pass. Then Maguire’s pace slowed him and he couldn’t catch Rodriguez.But the point is that United didn’t stop them at the source, burnley’s number nine was far away from goal and McTominay was defending. Maguire should have taken it easy.Maguire himself believed that the lack of a second goal was the key reason for the draw and that he could not stop Rodriguez’s goal.”We all know that the second goal in the game is very important.””The goal we conceded was also disappointing, it was self-inflicted,” Maguire said. “In the end I couldn’t tackle Rodriguez because I was the last man and I felt we had enough time to score again, but we didn’t.”As for the first half his Manchester united debut goal offside to navarre in cancelled, maguire said: “the referee offside, I didn’t foul, perhaps to prevent the other team movement, but I think I can’t hold him also navarre. As for the other person’s own goal, Paul pogba was sentenced to foul, I think it is surely not foul.”