The interpretation of objective consciousness by Guo Wenhao, a consciousness scientist, the founder of thinking consciousness and consciousness methodology

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“Objective consciousness” (objective method) is a normal method of thinking consciousness that looks at problems comprehensively and fairly from an objective point of view and rationally and calmly solves problems from an objective standpoint.When we look at problems at ordinary times, there is a subjective color, with prejudice and emotion, which is unfair to deal with problems.With an objective consciousness, a comprehensive analysis of the problem, a rational view of the problem, can avoid the subjective, one-sided view of the problem and emotional, with colored glasses to look at the problem, work extreme, impatient and other mistakes.We stand in the objective point of view, fair and calm view of the problem, just like jumping out of the issue, become outsiders and bystanders.The lookers-on see most of the game.Look at a problem subjectively just like the person in charge of the puzzle make confused, one-sided, biased, do not see the problem clearly.An objective view of a problem is as comprehensive and clear as a bystander’s view of the problem. You can see the truth and solve the problem in a more fair and rational way.(Original theory, if you need to cite this article, please indicate the source and author of the article)