These 8 highway and water transport projects in Shandong are called national “Safe Projects”

2022-05-06 0 By

According to the Shandong Provincial Department of Transport, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Emergency Management and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions jointly issued the Notice on the announcement of the 2018 — 2020 annual Road and water transport construction “Safe project” named project, of which shandong has 8 road and water transport construction projects named.The number of candidates ranks second in China.The eight projects mentioned above are,Rizhao port lanshan port and 30 tons of crude oil terminal phase ii project, jinan to Qingdao highway reconstruction project, the grand canal, situated south to YiCheng segment of double line shiplock engineering in ten thousand, Qingdao qianwan port area of double line brake lock engineering universal dock engineering, xintai to dubai taierhchuang (lu su) highway xintai to taierhchuang Ma Lantun period of project, the beijing-shanghai expressway laiwu to linyi (lu su boundary) section reconstruction and expansion project, Dongjiakou to Liangshan (Luyujie) highway Ningyang to Liangshan (Luyujie) section project, Qingdao Port Dongjiakou Crude oil terminal Phase II project.