Yanshan County production safety Commission office to the county production and operation units to resume work and production letter

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Yanshan County production safety Commission office to the county production and operation units to resume work and production of a letter throughout the county production and operation units: cattle head high singing, jade tiger spring baiye Xing.After the Spring Festival, the county’s vast production and business units will resume work and production.This special period has always been the high, prone and frequent occurrence period of all kinds of production safety accidents. Affected by the “holiday syndrome”, some employees are prone to inattention and non-standard operation. Some enterprises are prone to temporary post replacement and absence of safety management personnel due to the uneven personnel returning to work.Restarting equipment after production is easy to cause mechanical failure due to inadequate inspection and maintenance and unskilled operation.In addition, the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is still complex and severe, and the combination of various risks can easily lead to production safety accidents.In order to prevent and curb the occurrence of all kinds of production safety accidents, Yanshan county security commission office reminded the production and operation units, must attach great importance to the resumption of work and production during the resumption of key work safety.In particular, “six” should be done: first, hold a special meeting on production safety.The main person in charge of each production and operation unit shall personally organize the “first class of starting work”, aiming at the physical and mental fatigue, mood irritability, energy disconcentration, emotional instability and improper maintenance of equipment and facilities after the holiday.A special meeting will be held for all employees to unify the thoughts of employees, analyze the situation of production safety and arrange and deploy the work of production safety, so as to further improve the safety awareness and prevention ability of all employees.Formulate a work plan for the resumption of work and production.The production and business operation entity to return to work and production of the analysis of existing security risk assessment, combinative oneself is actual careful and meticulous work to return to work and production plan, organization to carry out the hidden perils in safety management in strict accordance with the requirements, to carry out the effective safety precautions, to ensure that the return to work and production of each step standard, strict, safe, orderly,Ensure that key technical personnel are in place to resume work and production, do not meet the conditions for production safety, no resumption of work.Three, hold a safety meeting for all staff.Arrange and deploy work safety during the resumption of work and production, strengthen safety education and training, improve employees’ safety responsibility, labor protection awareness, safety prevention and emergency response ability.To formulate a list of post safety responsibility, establish a top-down, closely linked “responsibility chain”, the safety responsibility to all posts, and establish the responsibility system supporting assessment mechanism, layer upon layer to sign the safety production responsibility, effectively implement the safety subject responsibility and the safety production responsibility system.Iv. Carry out a safety education and training for all staff.All production and business operation units shall carry out three-level safety education and training for the whole plant, workshop and team in view of post-holiday safety risks and hidden dangers, safety precautions, safety preventive measures and emergency response measures.Among them, the safety education and training of the whole factory can be carried out together with the staff conference. Special attention should be paid to strengthening the safety education and training of the new employees, those who leave the post for more than six months or those who transfer or rotate the post, so as to achieve “no training, no post”.5. Formulate a work plan for emergency response.All production and operation units should formulate emergency response plans from a dynamic point of view, carefully study the changes of people, machinery and equipment and the environment brought by the Spring Festival holiday, and formulate a simple and clear emergency response plan for the resumption of work and production.It includes the types of accidents that are prone to occur during the resumption of work and production, the areas that are prone to occur, the time period that may occur, the degree of danger and the scope of influence of the accident, the signs of the accident, the derivative accidents that may be caused by the accident, the emergency handling procedures and measures, so as to avoid panic and handle the accident safely.Six, carry out a comprehensive safety special inspection.Before the production and business operation entity to return to work and production to carry out comprehensive safety inspection and safety inspection, to staff the work situation, the education training, job preparation and emergency readiness for inspection and carry out safety risk identification of each link, to carry out the controls, the production process, equipment, facilities and monitoring alarm system, emergency rescue facilities to conduct a comprehensive hidden rectification,Make the rectification of hidden dangers in stock in place, and dynamically zero incremental hidden dangers to ensure the safe operation of equipment and facilities.Balancing development and security is a major strategic plan made by the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core in responding to risks and challenges with the “two overall interests” in mind.This year is the party’s twenty convened year, is to promote the county economy leapfrog development of the key year, we are facing more difficult difficulties and challenges.We are eagerly looking forward to, the county general production and business operation entities and the us, with more determination, more full of enthusiasm, a more pragmatic style of work, more forceful measures, firmly control security risks, actively respond to disasters and accidents, and comprehensively improve the level of safety management essence, providing a strong basis for the county high quality development,To speed up the construction of a prosperous, civilized, beautiful and happy Salt mountain to create a good security environment.Security is the cornerstone of enterprise development, security is the biggest benefit of enterprise.I wish the county wide production and operation units in the New Year safe development, enterprise employees peace and happiness!Yanshan County Work Safety Commission Office released authoritative information on February 20, 2022 To pay attention to people’s livelihood topics welcome to pay attention to the county Party Committee, the only official public wechat