A beautiful day, ending with a suffocating short track speed skating

2022-05-07 0 By

Is it a surprise?Are you surprised?In this suffocating night Ren Ziwei, Li Wenlong in men’s short track speed skating 1000 meters final gold and silver MEDALS!You can always believe that the men’s 1000m short track speed skating race has been filled with drama since the first heat!Wu dajing finished third in the penultimate lap of the quarter-final due to an accident involving a runner in front of him.But Canada collided with South Korea, who was stretchered off with injuries.With the former was judged to be a foul, Wu Dajing to the group second promotion!In the next group, Ren Ziwei, who had been in first place throughout the race, crashed out before the finish line.Coincidence is, after Wu Dajing ren Ziwei, Li Wenlong also fell…But in the end, after a long wait, all three athletes got the final word from the judges: all three went through!The other two finalists are two brothers from Hungary: Liu Shaolin and Liu Shaoang.A rare scene was born: the five finalists, all familiar faces with black hair and yellow skin, all speak fluent Northeast Dialect!In stark contrast, after Hwang Dae-heon of South Korea was ruled out of the final, the Entire South Korean team was wiped out before the semifinals.When it came to the final, it was also full of cliffhangers.Ren Ziwei and Liu Shaolin collided near the finish line, and finally the referee determined that Liu Shaolin committed two fouls through replay and cancelled the result!Ren Ziwei won the gold medal, Li Wenlong won the silver medal and Wu Dajing finished fourth.Make history!Su Yiming picks silver!In the men’s snowboard slopestyle final today, China’s Su Yiming completed the only 1,800-five-body routine in the competition, running smoothly throughout the routine to earn a silver medal with 88.70 points.After the match, Su’s score became the focus of heated discussion, even many foreign netizens complained for the Chinese teenager!However, it was also the best men’s snowboarding result in Chinese Winter Olympics history.A historic breakthrough!Su Yiming, in the future, please continue to refueling!Since ancient times the hero from the youth look forward to the future can fly to a wider sky!Gu Ailing, amazing appearance!Gu Ailing, the talented girl also ushered in his first winter Olympic Games today.In the morning of the women’s freestyle skiing big jump qualification, Gu Showed her strength to be as light as a bird, and qualified for the final with a total score of 161.25!The lovely scene came before the start of the tournament, when Gu, who failed in the second round, made “full” preparations before the start of the third round.”Fairies” can be nervous!Zhu Yi broke down in tears as China, qualified for the first time in team freestyle skating, finished fifth with 50 points.In the pairs free skating event, Another Pair of Chinese skaters, Peng Cheng and Jin Yang, performed a remix of music from the movie “The Banquet” and scored 131.75 points, placing third.Ice dance duo Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu also performed a very Chinese free dance routine, scoring 107.18 points, ranking fourth.Women’s singles player Zhu Yi made a mistake in her free skate and scored 91.41 points.And Zhu Yi left tears of remorse after the game, she frankly, the most regret is usually can complete the movement, today did not do well.It starts with skiing and ends with speed skating.This is the end of a wonderful winter Olympics game day.Tomorrow morning, gu Ailing will set foot on the road to gold, speed skating competition will also continue.There are more surprises, waiting for our winter Olympic athletes to create.