A shares: this round of rebound, two dimensions lay this year’s trend, focus on Wednesday

2022-05-07 0 By

On Monday the market return to receive a ZhongYang thread that back above 3400 points, the highest point to 3434 points, 3356 rebound from the bottom of the nearly 80 points in the space, the overall performance is good, but the gem index is high rushed back closed up 0.3%, performance is slightly worse than the Shanghai index, index did not form the same frequency, do not rule out the next to the possibility of callback,So we have to combine the current position, as well as the weekly and monthly line, also make the Shanghai stock market still retain a little hope, so that the strength of the rebound will lay the trend of this year.Technology from the monthly, a long Yin line meet the requirements of the monthly point how to afternoon didn’t appear as soon as possible to reverse due later this year no big monthly point in time, it may all year round in a drop in monthly cycle, the month MACD has appeared dead fork, but also in the range of variables, if not to force the rebound, the adjustment of the monthly will enter the real cycle.Technology from the weekly, 3356 points last week already meet the requirements of the contour point rebound is expected to kick weekly rally on Monday, but it is worth noting that due to the market in 2731 points since entered the oscillation period of one year, which makes long average weekly system has not been active on the pull, once in the first half of a higher level can’t,Long average slow ox trend will be destroyed, so here in the last month long negative line based on the strength of the weekly rebound will lay the trend of the market today.Market strong rebound in the positive line, the two cities more than 3400 stocks rose, up by the limit of 98, down by the limit of 43, the distance from our warehouse target limit of less than 10 target distance is far, after all, more violent thunder, but the blood effect is obvious, but need to pay attention to the excessive number of limit means that market sentiment is not completely reversed,Some plates and stocks are pulled up by the market, do not rule out the possibility of a day trip, want to chase up or to be cautious.In order to more clearly the future opportunities, we should pay attention to the short-term here on Wednesday before the market pressure at 3440 points in a line, and to reverse the market dropped line at the very least, should speed up its long Yin half 3500 points in a line, and a point in time from the date line and around Wednesday, if the market isn’t on 3440 points in a line appears repeatedly,Wednesday or so there is a rebound again, the current opportunity is still difficult to grasp, but it is oversold rebound, short or timely to leave.