Find the beauty of life, and even better, photograph it

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Title: Snow clearing Time: February 9, 2022 Location: Helan Mountain National Forest Park Author: Nie Wei Explanation: In order for tourists to enjoy the snow in Helan Mountain safely, the staff of the scenic spot are working hard to clean the snow on the road.Description: On my first business trip in the year of the Tiger, on the way of the high-speed train, I had a hazy dream outside my window with a distant artistic conception.Rose black tea, rose vegetables egg roll, taro mud egg yolk small meal bag, with full enthusiasm to do everything, no matter how slow pace is not important, as long as you are walking, there will always be progress!Title: The Year of the Tiger Lion Dance Time: February 9, 2022 Location: Studio Author: Wandering Fan Zi Description: Drums and gongs are loud, she Fire over the Chinese New Year.Lion dance in the film city, visitors experience the thick taste of the New Year.Title: Playmate Date: February 9, 2022 Location: Helan Author: Moon Description: Holidays with small friends add a lot of happiness.Title: Orange pier pier time: February 9, 2022 location: home author: Xie Xiaoting girl description: not to grab the ice pier pier, do an orange pier pier.Title: Courier Date: Feb. 9, 2022 Location: Yinchuan Author: YY Description: The Courier skillfully packed the items.Title: Give mom a New Year’s money time: February 9, 2022 location: hometown author: blue dream description: we are also immersed in the atmosphere of the festival, give mom a New Year’s money, let mom healthy, happy!Caption: I am here Time: February 9, 2022 Location: Longde Old Alley Author: Wang Junbing Description: Before the Old alley photography exhibition board during the Spring Festival, a family of three carefully look for their own shadows in the photos.