He is the oldest heavyweight champion in world professional boxing history.

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George Forman was born on January 22, 1949, in Houston, Texas, and grew up with one brother and three sisters.He does not like studying, and his academic performance in every exam is one or two from the bottom of the class.From primary to middle school…He often fails grades one after another and leaves high school before finishing.By the time Foreman was fifteen years old, he was already 1.83 meters tall and weighed about 90 kilograms.2. He learned to drink, smoke and rob in the street before being thrown into juvenile detention.By chance, he got to know Brown, a famous reporter from ABC, who was visiting the juvenile reformatory and preparing to write an article about juvenile delinquency in America.Brown interviewed Forman, who he described as straightforward, beefy, with endless strength and a natural boxing build.Brown decided to help Fuhrman, and fuhrman’s life changed radically. Fuhrman was just 18 years old!Foreman was very strong and big 3. He made on behalf of the United States to participate in the Olympic Games, held in Mexico City in 1968 in the heavyweight championship game, his opponent was a famous Soviet fighter, called cut pulis, is also very good, into the third round when foreman knocked down his opponent with a memorial heavy hook on the ground,Straight to the hospital, won the Olympic gold medal in heavyweight boxing, he was not yet 20 years old!On June 23, 1969, he decided to turn to American professional boxing and hired Archie.With Mauer as his coach, Seidler as his manager, Foreman’s favorite champion was Sonny.Liston!5. On January 22, 1973, In Kingston, Jamaica, Foreman threw Joe Joe in two consecutive rounds.On September 1, 1973, Frazier defeated Homan in the first round in Tokyo, Japan. On March 25, 1974, he defeated Ken in the second round in Venezuela.NORTON is knocked out and unconscious.Foreman’s success was inseparable from the guidance of his mentor Moore!6. In the eighth round of ali’s mega-bout against Forman, which took place at 4 a.m. on October 30, 1974, in Izar’s capital, Kinshasa, Ali rocked on the ropes (a trick he called “rope stun”) to SAP his opponent’s energy.The trick he used against Forman, a heavy-hitter six years his junior, certainly worked.First Foreman cornered Ali and landed about 11 heavy swings, then Ali spun around and landed eight very fast, accurate, hard straight and swings to knock foreman out!Ali’s trainer Dundee and nurse spoke highly of Ali!Tang 7.1974 years.King rose to fame as the man who orchestrated the “Fight of the century” between Ali and Forman, which was the biggest ever boxing fight at the time, with a $12 million payout for both sides.So he became the first black man in the world to promote a major fight, breaking the circle of the white monopoly!Furman’s record at the time was 37 K0 opponents in 40 games!Forman seemed to punch very slowly but very hard. 9. The Zaire defeat was a terrible blow to Forman, who was already lonely, even lonelier, and he was depressed for years!10. Hollywood made a film of the epic battle called When We Call Kings, which won an Oscar for Best Documentary in 1996!11. Muller and Foreman’s super battle was held at 10 o ‘clock on November 5, 1994 in the MGM grand Hotel. There were 12,000 people in the audience, most of whom liked Foreman very much.12. Many pundits predict that muller, the double world champion, will easily defend his title.However, at least one other person is fully aware of fuhrmann’s danger, and that person is Muller’s coach Teddy.Atlas….He is a crafty fellow, full of tricks.He can handle your punches without hurting himself.Only Ali from more than 20 years ago could break him, because Ali saw through his tricks!13. Both sides take the game very seriously and train accordingly.I can make history with my fists and prove a fact to the world, Forman said.The age of 45 to 55 is not a death sentence for a boxer.I’m gonna be the oldest champ in boxing history!After the ninth round, two judges scored 85-83 and the other judge scored 86-85 in favor of Muller….In the 10th round Furman landed a deadly hard right to the head and Muller fell to the ground.15. After the success of the world Boxing Championship challenge, he was hired by many manufacturers, such as KFC, hot dogs, McDonald’s, Nike, gasoline and so on.In a subsequent survey of 72 sports stars selected from various projects, Forman was considered the seventh most popular advertising model.The 45-year-old Forman has become synonymous with health and strength!16. If Tyson challenges him, he will be in the ring again.”Mike Tyson would be the only opponent that would make me want to fight again,” he said.He thinks he has the ability to beat Tyson!17. There was a boxing fans wrote a file for the foreman: age: 45, weight: 250 pounds of personality: generous, cheerful nickname: the devil, bison, rock drill, grinding bone machine technical features: cross, solid defense, the right hand punch fast and powerful thing like most: tourism, sermons, eat least favorite thing: a diet favorite pet, reduce weight, reduce weight:Lion, tiger and $21,000 sheepdog!Foreman punch 18. The foreman on the ring from since not fussy, comes to the net, never retreat, always active to attack opponents, combat ability is very strong, and seemingly file a boxing is slow but the strength is big, K0 many opponents, his key factors to win still depends on the rich experience accumulated over the years in the ring!19. Foreman is a legendary figure in the world of heavyweight boxing, especially in his last fights, such as:Foreman vs. Holyfield, Foreman vs. Muller, Foreman vs. Savares, Foreman vs. Bridges, Foreman vs. Ellis — the average age difference between them and Foreman is about 20 years, making Foreman their uncle.Forman became a hero and hero in The hearts of Americans. His courage to challenge the time and challenge himself won the unanimous praise and love of thousands of boxing fans.He is a true hero and an eternal champion!Forman, known as “George the Devil”, retired from boxing for 10 years. At the age of 45, forman beat Muller to become the champion again. He became the longest and oldest boxing champion in the world heavyweight boxing.Furman had great respect for Ali, who was a simple, kind man and possessed a status beyond ordinary people.Ali has acted in a manner worthy of his lofty reputation.Furman speaks highly of Ali, which shows ali’s personality charm and nobility, as well as furman’s magnanimity!22. At the heavyweight division, who is more rigorous and rigorous in defense is also the key to the victory or defeat.At heavyweight, no one is a vegetarian. Anyone who slips a hole in the fight, or gets a deadly punch, goes down.This also determines the outcome of the game vane, to the heavyweight outcome of the contingency and risk will increase, may fall at any time, so the defense is the most important, good attack must be derived from good defense!It is not easy to challenge the boxing king, it is not easy to hold the throne, the success of a boxer can not be separated from the promoter’s strong and careful arrangement, can not be separated from the senior coach patient system training guidance, can not be separated from the boxer’s hard work training, behind the great effort and sweat, respect all boxers!