Huawei transformation success, like the mention of 400 billion super orders, Ren Zhengfei’s prophecy is coming true

2022-05-07 0 By

Since 2020, Huawei has been hit by the ban everywhere, not only the smartphone business significantly down, 5G overseas business also frequently cold.As a matter of fact, huawei’s 5G overseas business has been cold since 2019. For well-known reasons, western countries were “lobbied” by the United States and had no choice but to give up cooperation with Huawei.Even The European market, where Huawei has been deployed for many years, is no longer huawei’s backing. The UK, France, Germany and other countries as well as telecom operators that have maintained long-term cooperation with Huawei have officially declared to exclude Huawei one after another.During that period, there were many Western countries that went back on their words, and huawei’s 5G commercial contract orders in the global market were highly likely to decrease rather than increase.However, Huawei has no intention to give up or compromise, but insists on developing 5G overseas business. In this regard, Ren Zhengfei, huawei’s leading figure, has frequently appeared to stabilize his military commitment.It is worth mentioning that Huawei did not just insist in words, but showed its attitude with practical actions and tried to find a breakthrough.Hungary, a European country, has publicly named Huawei as a partner, either out of its trust in huawei or its determination.I have learned that Hungary, despite opposition or even threats from some countries, took the initiative to contact Huawei and reached relevant cooperation with it.It is reported that the cooperation between the two sides is to build intelligent multimodal railway hub, Huawei will provide equipment and technical support to Hungary.The good news is that the total value of the Hungarian project is over $400 billion, which shows how much the European country trusts Huawei.Ren’s prediction is coming true Compared to previous orders in the entire European market, this project in Hungary is not a super order, but Hungary’s attitude and the conclusion of this cooperation agreement are significant for Huawei.Under the influence of certain countries, most Western countries are wary of getting involved with Huawei, of course, and want to avoid national security risks as much as possible.Hungary’s initiative in cooperation can, to a certain extent, dispel some countries or telecom operators’ concerns about huawei and huawei’s equipment and technology in terms of security.This is very helpful for Huawei to make a comeback in the European market, so huawei officials also attach great importance to this project.Huawei said it would send its best team and best equipment to bring the best 5G experience to the local area.This is huawei’s strong confidence in its own strength, but also fulfilled Ren zhengfei’s “prediction”.When it comes to suppressing Huawei, Ren Zhengfei once said: huawei’s equipment is the best and most excellent in the world, and no one will reject Huawei unless they are stupid.To be sure, there are plenty of Western partners who still insist on rejecting Huawei, many of them fools, but many of them simply because they are threatened.If the ban and other external pressures on Huawei disappear, I believe Ericsson and Nokia may not be at the top of the global list of 5G commercial contracts.But the ban is still in place, and Huawei is still under enormous external pressure, so huawei’s “transformation” is imperative.In order to make Huawei break through the siege, Ren Zhengfei personally led the team in 2021 and established huawei’s “five army teams” :Coal mine Corps, smart road Corps, customs and port corps, intelligent photovoltaic corps and data center energy Corps these “corps” mainly attack cloud, network, intelligence and other mainstream high-tech fields, reflecting Huawei’s soft power, greatly reducing the dependence on chips in hardware.These five “legions” of Huawei’s elite will continue to shine in 5G.At the same time, Huawei also began to lay out hongmeng and Euler infrastructure systems to promote their coverage in the whole field.