Liuyang No. 4 Party branch held party members theme education activities mobilization conference

2022-05-07 0 By

Hua sheng electronic online March 15 – (correspondent Fujian Lin Liqin) recently, the party branch middle school held a party member “bright identity, and strong service, an” thematic education activity mobilization meeting, aimed at education guide all party member around school center work, the implementation of liuyang municipal party committee “party building lighting project”, give play to the role of the cutting edge exemplary role and fighting forts, carry forward the spirit of devotionFocus on management education, service education, take the lead to shoulder the burden, hard work, striving to set an example, striving for excellence.At the meeting, The deputy secretary of the Party branch, president Xu Zhaohui pointed out that the launch of the party members “bright identity, strong service, to set an example” theme education activities is the party branch high-quality stable development needs, is the school’s continuous high-quality development needs, is the party members’ own professional development needs.He stressed that party members should keep their identities firmly in mind, play a pioneering and exemplary role, and create a working atmosphere in which they dare to work hard and do well.Party members and comrades should transmit positive energy, vigorously publicize national policies and guidelines and school rules and regulations, and build a positive public opinion environment;Party members should shoulder heavy burdens, take the initiative to strive for the development of education, schools and students, and build a dedicated team with all their responsibilities.Party branch secretary Liu Shengchao stressed that party members to bright identity, strong consciousness, always keep in mind the identity of the party members, always remember the mission, always maintain the image of the organization, do ordinary time to see;Party members should strive to serve, shoulder the heavy burden, take the lead in obeying the overall situation, obey the arrangement, dare to take responsibility in the school work, do not pass the buck, to stand out at the critical moment;Party members should set an example and be the vanguard, strive for excellence in all their work, set a benchmark and set an example among party members and the masses with excellent results, and show their achievements.