Out-of-school training institutions usher in the “winter”, the era of krypton money is over, the Ministry of Education’s approach is very popular

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When a student’s academic performance can not meet the requirements of the time, most of the parents will send them to school, regardless of the outcome, this will be a huge cost, now this time, we also very high degree of attention to the education, now society, learning and learning is a top priority, because now graduation rate is too low,Without a good result, it will be difficult to find a job in the future, because education is the most important.Parents are most concerned about the growth of their children, because nowadays society is full of competition, a student does not study well, and has no professional skills, parents will be very worried, because now society attaches more and more importance to the degree.In this competitive society, whether it is high school, or high school, have to get ahead in the society, now the society, academic performance has become their signboard, many parents can’t wait to their children can be admitted to college, so, cram school has become their savior.Existing knowledge in the school is unable to support their growth, so parents send their children to extracurricular cram schools, or to attend some interest classes, specialty courses, let originally innocent childhood was filled with a huge burden, even is the foundation is very good, also can be directly into the tutorial by parents, so as not to become burdensome.Outside school more and more, education has to clean up, this also is to proceed from the Angle of parents, in the face of a barrage of news, many parents are at a loss, because most of the time, many people will go to advertising, while ignores the cultivation of the teacher, lead to many children learn bad, parents also feel spend little money to spend.There are some after-school training classes everywhere in the school, but many parents are not sure who is the best. Some schools have no formal training qualification, but the advertisements and advertisements of these training classes are very attractive, which can easily delay the students’ study, and also delay the students’ salary for a month.Now it is a nationwide cram school, many parents are following, do not attend will be left behind, this is also a psychological comfort, they do not want their children to endure hardship, so as to form a vicious circle.Now, many people and parents are under great pressure, the education sector is a strict inspection of the school, to let the children have a healthy growth environment, especially the remedial classes to have a benign development, rather than to make money.This training companies face winter, this time is not fixed, but to insist on the idea of “survival is survival”, not all of the training company is bad, have no qualifications, teachers, false advertising, etc., all want to crack down on, even charge high fees, these groups will be blacklisted.For those regular high quality tutoring, the government will also strongly support, because some students, have to cram, in addition, there is a new policy about after-school cram schools, that is, three months, no tuition fees.Many training companies will run away after collecting fees, to avoid some training companies will quit after earning a sum of money, so each charge can not be more than three months, which is also to reduce the pressure on parents.