The women’s soccer team advances to the final!Wang Shanshan + the whole team excited to celebrate, Shuiqingxia meritorious treatment, Japan penalty station

2022-05-07 0 By

Today’s women’s soccer match against Japan, we went straight to penalties against Japan.But in this case, Wang shanshan scored the equaliser in extra time and then came last in the penalty shootout to clinch the final.Don’t forget, Wang Shuang didn’t play in the game this time, but we still made it to the final, it was amazing.After scoring the last penalty, Wang shanshan threw her hands up in celebration. After all, she was the biggest contributor of the game.If there is no Wang Shanshan this point of existence, the possibility of women’s football really confessed.There is an interesting picture, that is the whole team hope to lift shuiqingxia.However, when the player made such a move, Shui Qingxia directly looked silly, we can obviously see her face fear from her eyes, but this is the treatment of the hero.But Shui qingxia was a key factor in the women’s victory, with every substitution working wonders and a change in defensive strategy and focus in the second half.Then all the women’s football players hugged.Because this game is all about the team.After all, everyone is trying their best on the defensive end, focusing on the defensive end, and taking chances on the offensive end.For this reason, even though the Japanese women were dominant on the court, they couldn’t break our goal.Especially in the second half, the number of Japanese women’s football team shot significantly reduced.On the Japanese side, all their players stand there, and then listen to the manager summed up there.Because it was a game they really didn’t deserve to lose.Especially in the second half an empty goal was not taken, this is the biggest regret.But there is no way, this is competitive sports, our efforts to be stronger, we are the winner.