Cigna Health Management: to prove the strength of the award

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In recent years, artificial intelligence, big data and other high-tech technologies have been widely applied in the medical field.With the progress of medical technology, people’s awareness of health management has gradually changed from passive treatment to proactive prevention.Of course, the realization of health management only depends on personal efforts is not high efficiency, with the help of professional companies like CIGNa Health Management, to achieve twice the result with half the effort.Recently, cIGNa health management professional ability has also been from the authority of the affirmation.Cigna health Management, an authoritative organization to prove the strength of the “Wisdom enjoy association compensation and benefits supplier value award” selection by China’s widely influential human resources member organization —
Sponsored by HREC, the “Value Award” has become one of the most influential and credible awards in the field of human resources in China with its adherence to authority, preciseness, fairness, impartiality, openness and public welfare.Human Resource Intelligence Has investigated and evaluated the market performance of CIGNa Health Management From multiple dimensions, and its brand recommendation is higher than the market average.Cigna Health Management:Cigna Health Management co., Ltd. works with more than 1,500,000 medical institutions in more than 40 countries and regions worldwide. Cigna health Management co., Ltd. provides services in more than 200 cities in China, with more than 2,700 hospitals as partners.We can provide integrated health management solutions from prevention and health care, daily medical treatment to serious disease management and rehabilitation and pension for enterprise customers and high-end customers. With years of in-depth cooperation with medical institutions, we can achieve flexible customization and fully meet the personalized needs of customers.Cigna Health Management, with deep insight matching service EAP service full name of Employee Assistance
Program is an employee assistance Program designed for enterprises. It aims to help solve various psychological and behavioral problems of employees and their family members and improve their performance in enterprises through professional diagnosis and advice to organizations and professional guidance, training and consultation to employees and their immediate family members.Promotion cigna health management companies can customize according to the situation of different enterprise solutions, to match the needs of different budget and firm size, not only can provide online and offline for enterprise employees psychological lectures and training, crisis early warning and intervention, one-to-one consultation, etc., can also provide enterprises with the overall one-stop enterprise EAP service solutions.Nowadays, China is entering an aging society, so early prevention and intervention of diseases have become an urgent problem and challenge for the whole society.Cigna health Management takes the lead to shoulder the banner of responsibility, relying on high-quality medical resources from all over the world, to provide Chinese enterprises and individuals with health management products and services covering the whole health cycle.I believe that under the support of CIGNa Health Management, there will be more and more people with a positive attitude to meet a healthy life.