Closed balcony raises much meat, 3 kinds of pills can not be little, flesh is fat compact color beauty

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Closed balcony raise meaty, 3 kinds of pills can not be less, meaty thick compact color meduo meat is a lot of flower friends like a plant, rich variety, high ornamental value, the price is not very expensive, as a general goods meaty, a lot of flower friends like to raise a few POTS at home.Succulent plants are not very big, now everyone lives in a tall house, so everyone’s maintenance of succulent plants are placed on the balcony.A lot of family maintenance succulents are placed in the closed balcony, succulents like ventilation, light enough environment, we put in the closed balcony to raise succulents, for a long time there will be a variety of problems, such as yellow leaves or diseases of the plant, it really looks too ugly.In order to avoid this situation, it is best to prepare these three small tablets for the maintenance of succulents, so that the plant will grow better and better, then the specific how to do let’s see.1, fungicide we put in the closed balcony succulents, ventilation will be poor, and for a long time, after watering the environmental humidity is large, the plant will also appear powdery mildew or water.To avoid this, spray your succulents with carbendazim fungicides on a regular basis.If the meat appears black rot, water, we can spray once every two or three days, so that you can effectively prevent the emergence of germs.2, insecticides meaty plant plant is very compact, time is long, in the leaves of the plant is vulnerable to pests, scale insects, for example, will seriously affect the growth of plants, we can use to spray the pesticides, if did not blade, it needs to take off in time, avoid infection of insect pest, affect growth.3, short and strong element closed balcony keep meaty, light is not very enough, and meaty and like to light enough environment, only more sun, better photosynthesis, synthesis of more nutrients, so that the plant will be more full and strong, insufficient light, the plant is very easy to grow, look not good.In order to avoid the growth of the plant, we can regularly add some short and strong elements, which can help the plant dwarfing, leaf hypertrophy, do not worry about the growth of the situation.It is ok to use once commonly two months, the growing tendency of such plantlets is very exuberant.Of course, with the aid of tablets is auxiliary role, we curing meat more plants, it is better to keep ventilated breathe freely environment, and get some sun, often open a window ventilated, such as the soil dry water again, in qiu dong season, coupled with suitable temperature, the appropriate stimulation in low temperature, the color of the blade would look more bright beautiful.Today xiaobian to share with you closed balcony maintenance of succulent plants need to prepare several small tablets, good plant growth, high ornamental value, everyone maintenance of succulent plants grow how?