If the Winter Olympics were held in ancient times, what events would China participate in?The Answer to Ant Farm

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Ant Manor title: If the ancient Winter Olympics were held, what events would China possibly participate in?B A, figure skating, curling, the 2022 Beijing Olympics is coming to an end, although the winter Olympic Games held once every four years, but its history is very long, the world’s first winter Olympics were held in 1924 in chamonix, France as the 2022 Beijing Olympics has held the 24th, actually there was ice sports in ancient China,Many people who read the biography of Zhen Huan should remember the ice having AnLingRong performing dance, though the ice movement in the history of Chinese ancient Rome, but the first product to have a ice sports history in song dynasty, the qing dynasty ice sports development to the peak, this is because the qing dynasty manchu people all come from heilongjiang valley, so they are keen to entertainment on the ice.There were four kinds of ancient ice amusements. The first was an ice bed, which was similar to a sled, on which people would sit and slide to travel.The second is to fight for the ball. People wear anti-skid shoes on the ice to fight for the ball.The third is ice running, people will put on shoes with iron teeth, and then run down the steep hill, not falling down is victory;The fourth one is figure skating. In fact, the Legend of Zhen Huan, anlingrong Bing Xixi dance is a kind of figure skating. At that time, there were many beautiful skills, such as dragonfly and water, Ne Zha fighting in the sea…So if the Winter Olympics were held in ancient times, China might have participated in figure skating.So, the answer to this ant Manor is “figure skating.”I hope that when you get “180G chicken feed”, you can also click “like” and send a one-button three-link to xiaobian (laborious everyone).