Poetry In Search Exhibition (1.22)

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Cold night double hong go to a wind, day autumn silver road lighting pass.Meet Lang speechless bow to laugh, hidden before the United States plexus.2. Skiing (ancient style) article/fragrance Orchid (Hebei) wild skiing exhibition xiongzi, elegant and quiet and light happy.Yushu Qiu Zhi shake hand smile, amorous feelings picturesque full chapter poetry.The tree stands in the frosty day in the north and the tree stands in the south.Just like the world of mortals bitter things, the heart is warm but every cold.4. Lin Xuguang (Jiangsu xuyi) shift (ancient wind) cattle fat to carry fruit, tiger roar to open the road.This year is brilliant, next year is more abundant.5· Lamei Praise Joe Tuohui (Shanxi) nine all things on the ice xiao, rolling music cold.Cloak snow fragrance overflow, soak up the rain spring proud beauty demon.6 into filial piety/small crazy son hundred good filial piety first, boon deep brother extremely day.Zhongshan worship justice, three ancestors training good xian.Year of the Year (ancient style) Yunanke (Luzhou) group of all the old sigh, life racing straight forward.Classmates and friends today, a few, and happy dance.8. Difficult to work (ancient style) Ma Wenjun (Yunnan) go out thousands of miles, his wife reminds him to miss her.Four seas wandering solitary shadow companion, life run a slag.Who knows bitter struggle roll, also have happy cash to take.Wading through the mountains to go far, make money happy smile home.9. Tuwu-shen High-speed Section of Chunting (Hunan) water is separated by mountains, flat wide thousands of miles.Guangdong xiang only half a day, they can cook.In the Year of the Tiger, Ma Wenjun (Yunnan) farm cattle toil green, tiger roaring sky lying snow makeup.Steep peaks quiet scenery, novel wild birds noise hills.Leisure slow appreciation of the mood you chang, pleasing to the eye soft pen crazy.Peace and beauty of life, good scenery year after year.11. Welcome the Year of the Tiger (Tong Yun) Party Yongfeng (Shaanxi) Snow falls, the world lost scene into the curtain.People since drunk, song Yang partner to spend the party.12. Feeling nothing for another year (ancient wind) Gong Taiyin (Hubei) The rain fogged for nine days, the cold wind blew at the window.Ear box to hear the heart is difficult to quiet, the bed chant is not complete.People have sweet deep sleep dream, I partial hard to sorrow sleep.Knowing that time flies, but hate inaction for another year.Ma Wenjun (Yunnan) lakeside beautiful weeping willows, dusk Xiaguang Luoshuizhou.Alone in the suburb of quiet, single home thatched house clean quiet.Happy music Lin Songbirds, enjoy food month full building.Revitalize rural supporting industries and improve people’s livelihood.14· Winter night feelings (ancient style) text/Zhu Kaidao starlight wild geese come in winter night, cold wheat fields planted.Sound distant urging bin Ear, people open in the curtain cold moon.Single nose park mei taste, single light alley order stage.So prosperous rural area, there are furnace heating lift.