Registered for health management benefits!The government has introduced favorable policies to create tens of thousands of jobs

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Is still natural education official website is still natural education guide language registered for health management division of the people’s welfare!The country has a good policy to increase tens of thousands of jobs!Now more and more people apply for the examination of health management, many students worry about the competition after the certificate, it is not easy to find a job, you little friends worry too much……Now health management is just short of people, not only the enterprise is short of people, the country’s grassroots organizations are also hiring people.This is not, some time ago, Shanghai also launched an announcement: the implementation of local family doctor service team.This “Shanghai aging enterprise development” “14th five-year plan”, which mentioned to enrich the family doctor team, health management division, psychological consultants, rehabilitation and other personnel into the grass-roots medical team.The “official announcement” of Shanghai marks that health managers are officially included in the family doctor service team, which also fully proves the urgency and importance of health managers to carry out family doctor service in China, and its significance involves the perfection of the country’s entire medical system.That is to say, China’s aging trend is very serious, in the next few years, there will be more and more chronic patients, health management division has become the hot property in the primary medical industry, the post will be more and more.In fact, as early as 2014, Zhuhai city began to promote the work of family doctor team service. At that time, it was just a pilot project and had not been fully implemented. We did not know whether this model would be accepted by the people and recognized by the masses.However, according to the feedback reality at the end of 2020, Zhuhai has 28 community health service centers (town health centers) and 258 community health service stations (rural health service centers), among which 384 family doctor service teams are rooted here. The signing rate of key groups reaches 72.36%, creating a “15-minute medical service circle”.This result ranks among the top in the province.To put it bluntly, a doctor’s visit is a good thing for everyone.Before old people see a doctor is the first class trouble, want children to pick up not only, go to a hospital even queue up to register, buy medicine to buy, need children to take, to those old people that have close relatives still can accept, how should those lonely old people do?Chronic disease, not blindly take medicine can be good.Now there are health managers, who can come to the door to observe the physical condition of the elderly, make certain predictions, but also provide simple physical examination for the elderly, the elderly are happy to welcome them.As long as it is the right model, it is a matter of time before it is adopted and popularized.All systems are from imperfect to perfect development process, from childish to mature process.For example, the education system, from the exam-oriented education in the past, has gradually begun to pay attention to the heart of children, and now advocates parents to treat their children as friends, which is much more detailed than in the past.The same goes for healthcare.I used to go to the doctor once I had a problem, and I went to the hospital for big and small things. Why?Because of the lack of awareness of health management.For instance headache recently, also do not know what reason, be afraid of get cancer namely, want to go to a hospital so, result a physical examination what trouble also do not have, white run.A lot of times they’re doing nothing, wasting their time and the hospital’s resources.So health management means understanding your body from a daily preventive, life level perspective.This kind of thinking is advanced, as European and American countries have long had this occupation of health management, this occupation will develop in succession, visibility will be more and more high is the inevitable development.Just like 30 years ago, few people will think of their own psychological problems, will think of the original unhappy is to see a psychological doctor.And now everybody is familiar with the term psychologist.Coupled with the encouragement and support of the state, people slowly understand, health management will become one of the most popular professions in the future.What kind of work can a health manager do?Traditional institutions: such as hospitals at all levels, maternal and child health care centers, centers for Disease Prevention and Control, community health service centers, health management physical examination centers, hospital health management centers…Health and medical institutions of enterprises, schools and institutions;General salary of this kind of job won’t be very high, but fortunately it is the formal job of the country, the job is stable, can evaluate title, welfare pay is good.Health related companies: such as elderly services;Health education institutes and related organizations;Health product companies and other health product companies;Insurance companies and so on;This kind of position is more in first-tier cities, will recruit a lot of people in the past two years, the salary will be higher.Health management companies: such as health consulting centers;Health centers, health clubs, clubs and so on;If you’re already working in a related field, getting a health management certificate can set you up for a future career.After five health management division takes card, what profit is there?Can go to work, get the government 2000–5000 yuan subsidy.If you do not know what career to choose in the future, do not want to be eliminated by The Times, layoffs, now is the best time to register for health management!Early examination early shore, refueling!Still natural education for students to provide the cheapest price of the whole network, at the same time for everyone on behalf of the registration.Once payment, lifetime service.Now the health management staff has adjusted the number of examinations, which is four times a year. 3.6.9 Examinations can be conducted in December. Students can set the number of examinations according to their examination time and working time.Health management division registration hotline 13765132911 seven health management division certificate query net and template health management division certificate template if there is infringement please call to delete a very realistic and practical situation you do not learn, others learn!If you don’t report, someone else will report!Everyone else gets a raise, you stay the same.Others get promoted, you face elimination!Is still natural exhibition personality warm tips: all in is still natural education registration training assistant friends, after the examination of medical practitioners when 60% discount.Professional title registration, 50% discount junior high, vice high 4 discount, high free learning, and so on, always you have a free learning opportunity in still natural education).When you need help, you can also apply to use the Shang Nature Love Fund.We will give you the full feedback of your initial registration fee. Meanwhile, according to your application situation, the minimum feedback is based on your initial registration and training fee, and the maximum feedback is 20,000 yuan.Postgraduate entrance examination, teacher qualification, education promotion and other training friends, is still natural education minimum feedback you had to pay training tuition 30%, up to 20,000.Once you sign up, you will always have a free learning opportunity. Once you sign up, you will benefit for life and enjoy the love education fund for life.Natural education is a promise.Shang Nature Education is a comprehensive training institution, has been adhering to the “Shang nature show personality” school-running purpose!Active innovation and continuous expansion.At the same time to join wendu education, Ahu medical examination, natural education has other training institutions can not match the training of famous teachers.Wandu education covers postgraduate entrance examination, law examination, teacher qualification, public examination, construction examination, licensed physician, licensed pharmacist, health management division, rural general practice, nurse qualification, fire engineer.Ahu medical Examination has a variety of medical titles, Chinese medicine expertise, Chinese medicine physiotherapy, all kinds of education promotion and other professional vocational training.Shang Natural Education examination research Center Shang Natural Education is an education and training center of Guizhou Shang Natural culture Industry Development Co., LTD.Still nature education public account is still nature education external publicity official public account.Still natural education includes degree promotion, medical examination, construction examination, fire engineer.Shang Natural Education Medical Examination Research Center is a medical examination training institution for a group of young people who love medical career. Relying on Wandu Education Group, Ahu Medical examination has strong medical teacher resources.You are too busy to study.We carefully create and provide you with medical video, live broadcast, face-to-face teaching, book reading and other products, we hope that you can feel our professional, sincere, practical, responsible medical examination service through the works of Wendu Medical examination.Wendu Education, Ahu Medical examination and Natural education together, you will be successful in the medical examination.Of course, if you have manuscript or want to join our team, you can also timely email communication.Once the manuscript is adopted, it will be published and broadcasted on the public number of Shang Nature Education, and we will pay for the manuscript.Email: Adviser of Guizhou Shang Natural Culture Industry Development Co., LTD. 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