Tips for repairing car scratches

2022-05-08 0 By

Car in the process of driving, it is inevitable that there will be scratches.1. Toothpaste contains an abrasive ingredient that smoothen out minor scratches on the paint surface.The principle of toothpaste removal and waxing is similar.However, if the scratch is deep, it is recommended that the owner adopt polishing or spray painting and other methods in time to avoid further damage to the car paint.2, nail polish is indeed can fill the same color car paint, but remember that only in the shallow scratch, and no primer can do so!Why does nail polish fix car scratches?Because nail polish and paint with the paint is a kind of material, can prevent car paint oxidation rust, slight, moderate scratches are more effective.So nail polish only works on small scratches, but not on large ones.The above is today’s xiaobian inventory for you to repair the car scratch skills, I hope you enjoy.