Wuxi’s housing price fell by 1000 yuan in three months. Wuxi’s property market is a bit cold this winter

2022-05-08 0 By

In the past 3 months, wuxi’s house price has fallen by only 1% to 3% on the surface. In fact, the price drop should be 5% to 10%. There is no obvious drop in the house price like other cities.In the past few months, there is only one district in Wuxi’s real estate market, Liangxi district, where the second-hand house listing price has dropped from the original 20,000 to 19,000, and the second-hand house listing price in other areas has not changed.This shows that although wuxi property market is relatively cold recently, the second-hand housing transaction volume is low, but wuxi landlords are relatively optimistic about wuxi house price, that is, they do not think that wuxi house price will fall.At present, the area with the largest price drop in wuxi’s real estate market is mainly concentrated in the old and small houses in the main urban area, and ordinary second-hand houses, as well as the school district houses that are wrapped by the second-hand housing guide price. These three types of houses are the most obvious houses in Wuxi’s current price drop.In fact, Wuxi house prices have obviously come to the end, wuxi main urban area of the lowest housing prices have reached 1.6 thousand square, and the highest housing prices of binhu district, housing prices have reached 2.1 thousand square, Wuxi house prices have been straight to catch up with some provincial cities.Wuxi’s housing prices have become unfriendly to young people.Although wuxi has many industries, most of them are family-owned enterprises, which cannot bring more high-paying jobs to the city.Wuxi property market buyers, also mainly wuxi local aborigines, outsiders in Wuxi to buy less and less.Uncle Peng interpretation of the first and second tier cities of the 14th five-year plan something to ask Uncle Peng 160 yuan to buy a column to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Uncle Peng said the property market # Wuxi #