Can you dunk?

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He’s 175CM tall and can dunk.Like basketball friends all know, NBA player Nate Robinson is only 175CM tall, he has won the title of Slam Dunk king three times by dint of the incomparable jump, and his flying over Howard that dunk, has become one of the classic Slam Dunk contest.And another so-called “the surface of the strongest 175” American NBA professional player Thomas height is only 175 cm, and he has also completed the dunk action in the NBA arena.The two of them are the most convincing examples of a 175CM Slam Dunk.The dunk is a way of scoring in basketball. During the game, the player jumps high and tries hard to put the ball into the basket.It is loved by fans for its incomparable visual impact.The NBA and CBA all star competitions set up a dunk contest to satisfy the audience.The most classic one is the dunk contest during NBA All-Star Weekend. I don’t know how many fans are attracted by the dunk contest and love this sport.NBA star Jimmy Carter is known as “half man, half god” because of his amazing dunk in the dunk contest.And the nickname “small potato” the si Bert · webber is to create the NBA history on the shortest height to obtain the miracle of the dunk king, with 1 meter 68 height in the dunk competition with one stroke to defeat the “human film essence” said Wilkins, won the dunk contest champion.Therefore, dunking is not only for tall people, small players can also fly to complete dunking.