Jiangxi Shicheng prosecutors: to help workers secure “salary” for the Spring Festival

2022-05-09 0 By

“We have been busy for more than half a year waiting for this money for Chinese New Year, but suddenly our boss couldn’t get in touch with us. I didn’t expect the procuratorate to help us get it back. Thank you!”Recently, 48 migrant workers who were owed wages were finally paid more than 200,000 yuan.It is reported that the Procuratorate of Shicheng County, Jiangxi Province, in the process of dealing with a suspected theft case of Zhong, in the receipt of zhong’s construction company and workers’ representatives on the change of compulsory measures against Zhong’s application materials, zhong has been detained suspected of unpaid wages to workers.After understanding, zhong mou is a contractor of some engineering team, took a construction company to subcontract the project.The construction company has transferred the project money to Zhong’s account, but because Zhong was detained, the dozens of workers it called have not been paid.As the Spring Festival approaches, workers are eager to get paid and go home.Knowing that the case involves unpaid wages of workers, prosecutors of Shicheng County procuratorate pay great attention to it.On the one hand, they verified the facts of the case with the public security organs, and on the other hand, they had an in-depth understanding of the situation of unpaid wages, and asked the representatives of the workers to submit detailed wages.After feeling row, find out zhong mou arrears 48 workers wages eventually, total RMB 200 thousand yuan.After analysis and judgment, the court on zhong mou launched a custody necessity review, and strive to “package” to resolve the social contradictions behind the case.In order to protect the “blood and sweat money” of the workers, shicheng County Procuratorate actively plays its procuratorial function.Taking into account the fact that zhong mou larceny case is clear, there are factors such as conditions for securing pending trial.Through the review of the necessity of custody zhong mou’s compulsory measures will be changed, ordered zhong mou before the year must pay off all 48 workers in arrears.Zhong mou deeply introspection, was bailed after the first time to raise funds, to pay the arrears of more than 200,000 yuan of wages.Source: Justice Network