Two high-quality electric tricycles, equipped with 1500W motor, full power, can load 1800kg

2022-05-09 0 By

Electric tricycles are second only to electric two-wheelers as a small means of transportation. The current annual sales volume can reach 6-10 million, mainly sold to the majority of small and medium-sized cities and rural areas.The big brands in the industry are Jinpeng, Zongshen, Huaihai, Birdie, Baodao, da ‘an, Five Star, Buxian, Changli and so on.Today is to evaluate the jin Peng and Chang Li two three-wheel models.Let’s take a look at Jin Peng’s new car, Jin Feng, which is a brand new electric tricycle made of stainless steel. The whole body is shining in silver, with a classic tiger front face, retro atmosphere of the headlights and “fully armed” thick bumper and thick shock absorption, the shape of the horn bend, looks more atmospheric.The car has a 1.5-meter-long stainless steel compartment, which is naturally resistant to corrosion and aging, environmentally friendly without baking paint, and a lightweight body that saves electricity.Hatchback design, double structure optimization, the bottom is thick transverse beam frame, front spring and rear I plate shock absorption, standard B class 3.5-12 vacuum tires, compression and seismic load is good, the car can load 1800 kg.The whole vehicle is equipped with 1500W square wave motor and overfrequency second generation anti-slip slope controller, and integrated variable bridge rear gear.It matches the maintenance-free dry battery of 60V58Ah, with a maximum speed of 40km/h and a endurance of 60km.The car is equipped with front and rear drum brake design, effectively shorten the braking distance, stop to stop.Let’s look at Chang Li’s king rickshaws, which are equipped with headlights on the front face, metal bumpers of full alloy, integral thickened windshields, thick aluminum cylinder shock absorbers, widened leather driver’s seat and backrest, and metal handrails on both sides. These are highlights.Body material, it is the use of galvanized carbon steel body and frame, one stamping molding, electrophoresis paint, durable.Chassis, carriage are double layer thickening material, using the pagoda spring design, bearing capacity is good, comfort is also good.It’s 1.6 meters tall, and it has a nuclear load of 2,000 pounds.In terms of power, the vehicle is equipped with 1500W motor, adopts 160 integrated rear axle, adopts high, medium and low three-speed transmission function, and uses 60V52Ah battery. Under normal circumstances, the maximum endurance can reach 60km.To sum up, jin Peng and Chang Li these two electric vehicles are very grand, the key is to have the production qualification of motorcycles, but also through the national 3C certification, so there is no problem in terms of qualification.In addition, the large carriage of more than 1.5 meters is not only enough to transport fruits and vegetables, but also quite good to set up a night market stall at night.What do you think, guys?