War?Famous note: The Nets knew they had a problem after Harden went out of shape in the offseason

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On February 12, Woj reported that the Nets knew they were in trouble after Harden went out of shape last offseason.Durant, fresh off an Olympic gold medal and a stellar playoff run, is ready to join Harden and Kyrie Irving on a four-year Max deal with the Nets.But unlike the two, Harden is out of shape and thinking about testing out free agency, and Irving has no intention of re-signing and doesn’t care if he doesn’t get a shot and can’t play at home.Woj went on to say that Harden was initially willing to re-sign with the Nets because they were championship caliber and he could have asked for a trade after a championship, but the nets’ struggles this season fueled speculation that harden would leave the team.The Nets, however, did not insist on keeping Harden, after all, the various sources have proved that Harden does not want to play for the Nets, rather than the early trade, so that they can obtain a certain amount of bargaining.The Nets and sixers hit it off, and both got what they wanted.Personally, no matter how out of shape harden was this offseason, the nets would never have traded him if harden hadn’t wanted to leave.Because Harden is better suited to be the center of the team than Durant or Irving.Maybe some fans will say, you are not joking?Given harden’s performance this season, he deserves to be the no. 1 playmaker?Where did you put Durant?If you really think that, you haven’t been watching the game.Sure, Durant is playing at an MVP-level level, but that’s on the back of a lot of possession, and let’s not forget that Durant is just standing alone and Harden is scoring and putting the team together. Even so, Harden is averaging a triple-double. What more can you ask of him?To put it crudely, harden’s numbers would only be worse if, instead of connecting teams, he took the ball and did it alone like Durant did.As for Irving, of course, if you were the front office, would you trade for a player who would leave for personal reasons and only play on the road?I’m afraid not.So Harden is more suited to being the no. 1 player on the team, and his ability to lead the team is much better than durant and Irving. It’s not an exaggeration to say that if the Nets coaching staff uses Harden as the no. 1 playmaker and Durant as a backup, the Nets will still be the favorite to win the championship even if Irving is on the road.Unfortunately, the nets’ life and death are in Durant’s hands, harden has no room for ambition, and irving is such a “god”, Harden’s departure is not surprising.What do you think about this?What do you think caused Harden to leave the Nets?Feel free to leave a comment.