Water in December

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Happy New Year!I wish you all the best in the New Year!On the five elements, I have probably written more than 50 articles, this is the last one, interested friends can have a look.After that, new content will be written: specific to the specific failure of each dry day in different circumstances. The water in winter, the most important thing is to thaw, but after thawing?After thawing, not loose, so have the soil system, either to raw wood fire can also, in general, release is the most basic, but after thawed, have riches and honour, and scan. JiaYin, ox, horse, xinhai through the fire, the reading is the most lovely things in the winter fire, sat and ugly, then this ugly terrible sheen to come over, in the columnYin Wu he, the fire of the afternoon to flourish, the Lord can control ugly, rich, is a primary.Often in. Decyl hai, decyl ugly, RenZi, decyl bases, he didn’t thaw, froze, then walk wood fire, had frozen, clay, but not the eight words and no raw wood fire, the water is loose, is a larger share of life. Is unitary, the ox, nonyl Yin, e “, he thawed, but not necessarily with a silver spoon in her mouth. Yin ShenChong, is e officer killed, the instability, a larger share of the life. RenZi, decyl ugly, decyl hai, GengShen, frozen, jinshui have become ice, gold is printed, instead to avoid, so learn bad, go wood fire, had frozen, the water is loose, drifting around, because the water without direction. C xu-gou, national, RenShen, heptyl xu-gou the hydrolysis of the frozenShen thoroughly geng sat xu, this xu severe, can be punished ugly, and years of c xin is the water, the Lord can get benefits from the years, and they also have geng Xu this power, his name is CAI Maochun, is a hui Yuan, the official is not big, is because the years didn’t whole good.