174 “happy rivers and lakes” will be built in Nanjing!

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174 happy rivers and lakes were built.The jinchuan river, Yudai River and other 11 comprehensive water environment improvement projects were carried out to steadily improve the environment of rivers and lakes.The implementation of 14 urban culvert renovation, the implementation of culvert sewage pipe, clear water out of the culvert;Complete 42 “sewage treatment quality and efficiency up to the standard” construction……Recently held the 2022 municipal Water system practical meeting, around how to carry the ecological civilization construction of the “model of water”, the municipal water bureau showed a specific target and “practical”.The picture shows the common pochards playing in the lake wetland of Liuhe Pond.South newspaper reporters Feng Peng city water department chief, said cheng jun, taken over the past year, although the development of our city water quality had made certain achievements, such as provincial exams section water quality excellent surface water in 42 countries 100%, article 28 in the river’s tributaries water quality success rate 100%, 26 countries have regulation provincial exams black smelly water keep “long long qing”,The quality of water environment continues to be the first in the province.The new sewage treatment capacity is 320,000 tons per day, and 220 “up to standard areas” have passed the municipal inspection, accounting for more than 50% of the city’s built-up area. However, some old problems that have plagued the city for many years still exist, and some new problems that accompany the development emerge one after another.What will happen in 2022?Water system will conscientiously implement the party’s sixth plenary of the 19th and provincial and municipal party spirit around “all-round construction of the people’s satisfaction of socialist modernization model city” target pay more attention to comprehensive governance, gauge connecting the plan as a whole, protection and restoration of the ecological system, the human and the nature harmonious coexistence for full happiness rivers, such as water sector will be hold in three stages: planning, construction and management,To achieve the normal long-term comprehensive management of Happiness rivers and lakes.Among them, in the construction, will implement the “happy river and lake construction three-year action plan”, within the year to complete 174 happy river and lake construction (54 urban characteristics of the happy river and lake, 54 rural pastoral happy river and lake, 66 beautiful happy lake), with the point to lead the area, with the section to drive the basin, build up the connection into a network of happy river and lake water system.The niushoushan River ecological corridor in Jiangning district has been basically completed.In order to fully achieve stable standards and retain the “beauty of clear water”, the city will further clarify the source of pollution in sections of the national and provincial examination, strengthen the source of pollution reduction, pollution interception, sewage separation, the implementation of pump stations, drainage facilities precise scheduling and control, to ensure that the water quality of the 42 national and provincial examination sections is stable and up to standard.We carried out 11 comprehensive water environment improvement projects, including the Jinchuan river and the Yudai River, to steadily improve the overall environment of rivers and lakes.At the same time, the implementation of 14 urban culvert renovation, the implementation of culvert sewage pipe, clear water out of the culvert.Jinchuan River was selected as an excellent case of urban black and odorous water treatment in China.The information provided by the Publicity Department of Gulou District Committee comprehensively implements source control and pollution cutting, and will continue to promote the construction of “Sewage treatment to improve quality and efficiency to meet the standards” in an orderly manner according to the principle of urban and rural overall planning, paying equal attention to mud and water, and synchronizing plant, station and network. In 2022, it is planned to complete the construction of 42 standard areas in the built-up area, and strive to reach the standard coverage of 65%.We will increase urban sewage treatment capacity by about 130,000 tons per day, and further increase the coverage of sewage collection and treatment facilities.Ecological buffer zone of jiangning High-tech Zone sewage treatment plant.In order to boost rural revitalization and achieve the “beauty of water town”, the water department will further accelerate the implementation of rural water network connectivity, water system restoration, water environment transformation and other river governance projects, this year the construction of rural ecological rivers will reach about 300 kilometers.Water is the foundation of survival, the source of civilization construction of happy rivers and lakes look forward to more beautiful Nanjing!The content source journal editing | | nanjing GuiYu proofreading | even bashan coordinating editor | Qian Yiyu