Fight to break the sky: Medusa fat leg attention, four heavenly group to destroy the lion Ming Zong, Xiao Yan blood play a role

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# Fight against the Sky # Fight against the Sky # Fight against the Sky # Fight against the SkyOn the cover of The 359 words of The Cartoon, medusa is a charming figure.While medusa’s figure-hugging red outfit may be flattering and sexy to look at, it’s her chubby legs that really stand out.If it hadn’t been for the color difference, it might have been medusa’s snake tail.However, perhaps because of the Angle, if medusa were taken full length, her legs would still be slim and long.Nine heavenly honour panicly beg four heavenly honour blood river to save him, however, in fact, four heavenly honour moves to Xiao Yan at the same time, nine heavenly honour is also devoured by four heavenly honour blood river.Sure enough, the soul temple people can’t believe it.In the last words nine heavenly honour was not killed by Xiao Yan, thought four heavenly honour conscience found, the results of the new words, four heavenly honour cruel and merciless, nine heavenly honour estimate also died very oppressive, did not die in the hands of Xiao Yan, but died in the hands of his four elder brothers.However, probably soul temple people are this vice virtue.Therefore, the behavior of blood river does not avoid Xiao Yan ridicule.Xiao Yan loudly ridiculed the soul of the temple people really heartless, live up to the soul of the temple.However, what he did next was even crueler.Lion underworld is soul temple called together to attack the inflammatory alliance, but no matter how much four days, four days a hand it can be said is a direct group destroyed lion underworld.Original lion Styx people also complacent that four days can be revenge for the lion day, which know the next second lion Styx people will be all four days with blood devouted blood, and then become four days of nourishment, help four days to promote strength.Medusa and sea wave east no doubt to the four days of this ruthless and merciless operation appalled, which medusa is to cover the xiaoxiao eyes do not let her see that bloody scene.As for Xiao Yan, rao is he and soul temple confrontation so long, was also four days of this crazy behavior surprised.Therefore, can not look at the Xiao Yan very want to give four days of a lesson, then directly shot.However, Xiao Yan should also did not think of, his different fire to the four days of the blood dafa no use, so the next moment Xiao Yan experienced and lion night zong of the same predicament.However, it is only a moment between, because very soon Xiao Yan’s blood played a role, directly blocked the four days that overbearing change blood dafa, your four days surprised at the same time also feel incredible, do not want to believe that their change blood dafa to Xiao Yan can not play a role.But there is not so much time to four days shocked, after all, Since Xiao Yan is ok, and Xiao Yan is not afraid of blood dafa, that Xiao Yan can wanton counterattack.And Xiao Yan as eight star honour, four days blood river body for nine star honour peak, Xiao Yan battle four days of the scene is undoubtedly very interesting.It’s just, it’s gonna be a tough fight.