New Year go grassroots | qionghai kerioth village: the country revitalization of villagers days over quickly

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New Hainan client, South China Sea network, South China City daily on February 3 news (reporter Su GUI except) “the village before the street lamp festival lit up, these street lights, such as a light, the hearts of the villagers shine, the villagers to get rich well-off confidence more foot.”On the third day of the New Year, Zhong Dafu, party branch secretary and village director of Qionghai Jialiue village committee standing on the village road, said that jialiue village has such changes in recent years, one is to thank the good policy of the Party, and the other is to thank the hard work of the village team.Jialue village is the most remote village in Qionghai city. It is also a typical Miao village, located in the upper reaches of Wanquan River, where 1600 Miao people live in the whole village committee, scattered among the mountains.”Our ancestors lived in The village of Kalior, located in the upper reaches of the Wanquan River, deep in the mountains.”Zhong Dafu, the party secretary and head of the Kaliou village Committee, said that he used to make a living by growing rice and hunting. Later, when the reservoir and niululing hydropower station were built near Kaliou, the village turned into a reservoir.In 1981, a tree farm was established in The village of Galeo, where villagers began to grow rubber and develop a betel nut industry on the mountain.”Through the efforts of three generations, 316,000 rubber trees and 715,000 areca trees have been planted in The village.”Pan Chengjie, deputy secretary of the Party branch of the Kaliot Village Committee, said the rubber trees and cash crops have become part of the forest, forming clear waters and green mountains and the main source of income for villagers.But jialiu village mountain high water far, inconvenient production and life.”In the past, there were no roads in Calvary, and when it rained, there was no electricity.Deng Airong, director of the village women, said that in the past, the village encountered women who had difficult childbirth, because they could not get out of the mountain to go to the hospital for rescue, adults and children are very difficult to protect.The difficulties of medical treatment, schooling and development in Kalio village in the past caused the backward development of the whole village.Expand roads, upgrade power grids, build sewage treatment plants…Since 2016, driven by the comprehensive poverty alleviation policy and with the help of the government, The village has started to promote various infrastructure construction. Cable TV and the Internet have been introduced into the village, and the villagers have started to have electricity, watch TV and connect to the Internet.The sewage treatment station set up in the village.Villager Deng Dahai told reporters that in the past, when he was developing farming in the village, his annual income was more than 3,000 yuan, and he had a daughter who had been ill for eight years.Later, the town government sent someone to help him one on one.At the beginning, he had no skills, so the support unit sent technicians to help him with “one-to-one” assistance and guidance, and helped him with 14,500 chickens. After four months of breeding, he earned more than 30,000 yuan.In 2016, Deng successfully lifted himself out of poverty and his daughter’s condition gradually improved. Now his annual income is nearly 100,000 yuan and his family has built a new building.Villagers make high south before is also growing betel nut for a living, in recent years in trial and error, he found the secret of “communities depend” – wild bees aquaculture, beekeeping to install special hive in the mountains, from then on, he rely on honey hive aquaculture development industry, coupled with good salary and betel nuts, annual revenue is 100000 yuan, home of a rich life.Calvary Village Primary School.”In the past, The village was poor and backward, and it was difficult to go out to study. Only knowledge could change destiny.”Li Shaoping, the principal of The Primary school in Huishan Town, said that she had returned to her hometown to help teach. She had finished high school outside, and when she learned that there was a shortage of primary school teachers in the village, she chose to return to the village as a teaching assistant and take care of the children. The children are like the stream in the village of Calgary, which will eventually flow to the sea.She spent 19 years working in an elementary school with only 35 Miao students, transforming herself from a “sister Miao” to a “mother Miao” and eventually sending more than 500 children out of the mountains.The Village also set up the Calliot Foundation, which helped many village children realize their dream of going to college.In 2017, Jialiue Village developed the collective economy of the village, and successively completed the first and second phase photovoltaic power generation projects. The village-level photovoltaic power station was 50.88kW, with a total income of 143564.57 yuan by July 2021.In 2021, the joint venture will establish a rural revitalization industrial base for jungle chicken breeding.Pan chengjie said that by July last year, the base had invested 3.11 million yuan in jungle chicken breeding to increase collective economic income, and the year-end dividends were used for the construction and maintenance of village infrastructure.”When we promote rural revitalization, we encourage villagers to invest more of their family income in children’s education so that children have the ability to change,” he said.Deng Bingkun, leader and first secretary of the rural revitalization Task force in Kailuo Village, said that only with knowledge and wisdom can we change the face of our hometown.Now, under the leadership of the rural revitalization team in Kalio Village, kalio village has not only roads, water and electricity, but also street lights, and industries are slowly supporting, such as sewage treatment stations and village clinics…Everything, the village has also developed into a beautiful village qionghai, the village beautiful people rich, the villagers’ life, across the more prosperous.