Can AC Milan make it easy?Sampdoria guest war former not bad, rarely defeat performance!

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AC milan vs 002 serie a on Sunday sampdoria AC milan is currently ranked third in the league position, they will continue to fight for points, after all, they still have a chance to win, and the team status does well, the performance of the two played the games recently, including the wheel on a guest beat inter, playing the Italian cup have beat lazio to play more,They’ve been doing really well these days.The downside is that the team’s home form this season has been mediocre, with only seven wins, two draws and three losses.Sampdoria beat Sassuolo 4-0 at home in the last league round, stopping a run of defeats to win their first eight games.In the last five games, his form has improved slightly. After 24 rounds of Serie A, he is 16th with 6 wins, 5 draws, 13 losses and 23 points, still five points above the relegation zone.Sampdoria have continued their poor form this season, mostly hovering around 15th place.Recently suffered a low ebb, each season has lost 5 games, the last round of the home to a large advantage to stop the decline.Opinion: Win/Draw: Score:2 to 1 1 1-0 Sunday la liga Allah’s 005 v valencia Allah’s last season, 16 23 battle la liga this season 4-5-14 of 17 points ranked 19th temporarily, league goals this season have 3 of 4 games happen at home, rely on home grab points, the team is high for this season league team success the most times,Alaves played one more copa del Rey in midweek. The team lost 3-1 to elce after conceding the first goal in the last league. Recently, the team has suffered three consecutive defeats in the league, showing an extremely low performance.Valencia’s recent record looks erratic, but in fact their form is not bad, can take the point basically can bag bag safe.Although there are still a lot of holes in the team’s defence, but with the attack of multiple blossoming, Valencia can still maintain a mid-table position, at least not a lot of relegation pressure.Less good for them, however, is a costly trip to biba in the Semi-final of the Midwestern cup this week, which could leave Alaves at a disadvantage in terms of their physical reserves.005 Result View: Draw draw: Score:1 2 2 1 2 009 premiership burnley on Sunday VS Liverpool burnley home nine points this season, while on the road only 5 points, better overall home state, the last three games, burnley defence improved, nearly three wheel only 1 ball, burnley at home this season scored 9 goals in total, stable team offensive ability,Burnley last 10 games in six games, the team’s continuous scoring ability is poorer, the team’s defense is good enough this season, the team lost the ball number reach 28, burnley nearly 12 times against Liverpool, have 2 wins and two draws 8, in the last 10 games, burnley scored four games, only recently the team’s scoring ability not beautiful,After a 1-1 draw at home to Manchester United in the last round, Burnley have gone 11 games without winning and are deep in the relegation zone.Liverpool is in a critical phase, in order to fully after the publication of this city, at the recent game is not vague and is sent first, spirit of starting to fight, and the result is also good, in the last round after the 2-0 victory over fox, Liverpool now that every event has had five wins in a row, success will be between the city and closer to 9 points,Keep the suspense of this season’s Premier League title, due to this season’s Premier League still more than a dozen rounds of matches, Manchester City and Liverpool title contention, Guardiola and Klopp duet, everything is possible, I believe klopp will not easily give up until the last moment.Sunday 021 Real Sociedad VS Granada CF The trend of real Sociedad this season is close to last season, the beginning of the season is quite strong, occupied the top position for a long time began to slowly fall away in the middle.After a 0-0 draw at valencia, Real Sociedad have suffered three consecutive winless games, and coach Aguassi needs to think about how to boost the form of his strikers, with the likes of Oasaval, Isak and Solov all having the same individual qualities.But with the offensive aspect forms the sharp contrast is, the real club home defense has been good, the season so far 11 league home has 8 times zero opponents, can get the goal in their home 3 teams are all strong teams, the expectation this round they at least in the defense end will not let Granada take advantage of.Granada in recent games even by day, the team in the last round away challenge in la liga giants real Madrid, appear very passive and helpless defense throughout, in the second half but failed to resist Arsenal theo’s goal, ultimately the team 1-0 defeat away, after it suffered three defeats, the team before the end of the 7 unbeaten in good innings, the current team with 24 points ranked 16th in the league,Six points away from the downgrade zone, the situation is not secure.Grana’s recent offensive and defensive performance has dropped significantly, the away side has only one win so far in the season, and recently it has lost six games in a row, and there is no ability to speak of away games.021 match result view: flat let flat: the score: 1 to 1 2 to 21 to 0 start there is still a period of time, beware of news facing changes, more stable, I will provide the relevant ideas with series, I hope you can grasp the opportunity, like the team rush!Espanyol v Barcelona in La Liga on Sunday, 025. Espanyol have been in the top 10 for a long time thanks to their home form, but with one draw and four defeats in their last five games, they are now 13th in the table and are likely to fall further.With six wins, two draws and three losses at home so far, the Spaniards have conceded more than one goal per game and may not be able to stand up to barca’s dynamic front line.Barcelona last round 4-2 league games at home with atletico Madrid, the team many recent return, nearly 10 games won 5 5 grades, the team has to total 38 points placed fourth in the league table, the distance from the top of real Madrid had 15 points, but the team scored in order to secure champions league seats will not lack of intention,At the same time, the team’s winter window phelan fernando torres, was introduced, Obama MeiYang, overall strength improved significantly, but the strength of the team players faty, peja, roberto, defender um deedee, lundgren, Garcia and balder are unavailable, but facing with the Spaniard’s nine times in 6 win 2 draw 1 negative results in a great advantage, this is worth looking forward to.Sunday 018 Leicester city v West Ham united: draw/lost Sunday 015 Ajax v Twente: conceded