Japan’s bid to include Japanese as a common language has been rejected by the UN, experts say

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Japan’s repeated attempts to include Japanese as an international lingua franca have been rejected by the UN, the biggest reason being the deep relationship between Japanese and Chinese characters.According to historical records, before the 3rd century Japan only language, is by word of mouth of things, and no evolution of text, until after the 3rd century, the monk came to China to Chinese characters into Japan, and the Japanese people also need to create its own word to meet the needs of daily life record, but the creation of writing is a process of constant accumulation,In the short term, the Japanese simply borrowed Chinese characters to express their meaning.SouTu edit them using the same as the Japanese pronunciation of Chinese characters as the expression meaning of the word, but a long time, they found that the Japanese and Chinese pronunciation is different, and there are many Chinese characters sound more than a word, this text will lead to chaos, so eventually and combining with the Chinese character component of radical characters and pronunciation created part of the text, such as Roman sound,This is Japanese as we see it today.SouTu editor according to the data shows, until the 1950 s, Chinese characters in Japanese utilization rate as high as 50% above, although this situation with the gradual improvement in recent years, Japanese fell, but the frequency of the Chinese characters used in Japanese is still as high as 30%, and according to research, Japanese pronunciation with han and Tibetan and also has a lot of origin,Therefore, the United Nations considers That Japanese is not an independent language and therefore cannot be used as an international common language.The UN has three hard criteria to judge whether a language can become an international language. The first is whether it is an independent system, the second is how many people use it, and the third is how widely it is used.Although almost every country has its own language, there are very few languages that meet these three conditions. At present, there are only six international common languages recognized by the United Nations, namely English, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish and Arabic.Five languages are respectively before the United Nations the p5 national common language, on the one hand is to facilitate the internal communication, on the other hand is the p5 worldwide influence is very big, the number of language use and scope are also up to the standard, Spanish is the world’s second language, Arabic is 22 Asian and African countries as the official language.All conform to the hard and fast standard of international common language.However, the Japanese language has a small population and is mainly used in Japan. Therefore, the United Nations has a very good reason to reject the application of Japanese as an international common language, but even though it knows this, Japan has applied for it many times. Why is this?Experts say that Japan, a defeated country in World War II, has been reluctant to face up to history and admit its mistakes.Japan has repeatedly applied to the United Nations for the inclusion of Japanese as an international language in order to find a breakthrough in this way and increase its international influence. Japan’s attempt to cover up its history has also revealed its ambition, and it has no choice but to remain silent on the UN’s rejection.