Long tree: Dan Yuan 10 layer water side has passed, the lineup of ideas to share

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First Map BOSS mechanic: There are three stages, stage 1 100% to 50%, where each character has a resurrection armor.50% to 20% of stage 2 has no special mechanic, but when you enter stage 2, the BOSS will kill all characters in seconds and resurrect all characters (those who lost resurrect armor in stage 1 can also resurrect.In stage 3, 20%~0% BOSS attack and defense are greatly improved and cannot be dispelled. Basically, A level A takes away A character, and bosses need to be output as soon as possible in this stage.Line-up analysis: First of all, Lillian’s value in this book has been infinitely reduced due to the BOSS’s ability to resurrect her. Bringing an extra winter solstice will ensure our line-up can effectively score 50 special moves.In addition, due to the BOSS’s high AOE and buffs that need to be dispelled, this buri master is almost the only option for Water side.We’ll start off on a low HP level, starting with Scatter of Lord and Master of Thorns in round 1, Laurent’s CUT and Winter Solstice’s 1, and cutting and Winter Solstice’s Law and 1 in round 3.At this point, the BOSS will kill all characters except Roland in a second (sometimes the master will not die, and the dot will die in the next turn), and the first resurrection of all characters except Roland will be handed over.After that, when the mecha energy is satisfied for the second time, darken the mecha to continue dispelling the BOSS BUFF. After the BUFF dispelling, the Mecha of boiling water will actively output and hit 50 special moves.The key point of this stage: 50 before the resurrection can only once, if not into the special move C GG out of the accident then SL.However, if you can tap into the special, it doesn’t matter if the individual character dies suddenly, because the special will be pulled up.Hit the key point after the special move: BOSS’s first AOE don’t open Roland’s CUT!!Remember!!!!!This AOE will cause 20 special effects if CUT is enabled and you will be instantly killed except Roland if you do not CUT.So this AOE after eating krypton group drugs properly pull up the blood line, and water is expensive DEBUFF.Then you can rely on Flower Rin’s rhythm regeneration to properly recover.When a BOSS hits a special move, the original CD of a skill freezes, so be aware of this and make sure the BOSS enters stage 3 with Roland’s CUT in his hand.After that is full output, if you can pay attention to the above points, I believe that most players can pass the 10 layer tower.PS: I didn’t wear beta because I lost all of my gamma for The Rathoods, but I don’t think it’s a big deal not to wear beta because of the mechanics.