Love women, warm xing ‘an | fundraising activity written proposal

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Cervical cancer and breast cancer (hereinafter referred to as “two cancers”) are major diseases affecting women’s health in China. Population screening is an effective measure to promote early diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer and breast cancer.Due to limited economic conditions, poor health awareness and other reasons, many women in financial difficulties do not have regular screening for “two cancers”, and they are helpless after diagnosis, which has brought a heavy burden and impact on personal physical and mental life and family life.To give full play to the party to contact the service of the masses of Bridges, actively promote “women’s health initiative”, gather more social forces to further focus on urban and rural low-income women health, vigorously promote the “two cancer early detection, early treatment”, in 2022 international women’s day approaching, xingan league All-China Women’s Federation, xingan league Red Cross launched a fundraising initiative,Through social donations and matching donations from the Red Cross, low-income women in Urban and rural Areas in Ulanhot were provided with screening fees for “two cancers”.We sincerely hope that all caring people and organizations will actively participate in the fundraising activity of “Caring for Women: Warm feelings for Xing ‘an”, escort the health of low-income women in urban and rural areas, care for women in need with love, and warm the land of Xing ‘an with love.Date of Donation: February 15 to 24, 2022 Method of Donation Bank Remittance Account: Xingan Red Cross Disaster Relief Special Account Of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Bank: Wulan Haote Wuyi Branch of CCB Account No. : 15001626640052501313105198000052 Donation Hotline: 0482-8268734 Note: Please make sure to indicate “Caring for women · Warm Heart Xing ‘an” When you remit money