We can always trust The Chinese women’s football team

2022-05-12 0 By

Beijing time on February 6, in the just-concluded women’s Asian cup finals, the Chinese women’s team 2-0 in the first half behind the adverse circumstances, courageously to catching up in the second half, in the end by stoppage 3-2 victory over South Korea. 16 years won the Asian cup champion again, this is also the Chinese women’s ninth Asian cup champion trophy.The Chinese women’s team in the semi-final by overtime penalty to beat Japan, two players but also to leave with injury in the face of neat, powerful, earlier and South Korea, the Chinese women’s team has nothing to fear, main core cream wang shrugged, vowed to team for a more security, south Korean women’s football in the first half showed a very strong aggressive,At the end of the first half, the Korean women’s soccer team was already leading the Chinese women’s soccer team 2-0 by two goals. It can be said that the Korean team was celebrating the championship in advance.Face huge gap, coach ShuiQingXia continuously adjust tactics, show a strong technique strength and in-game adjustments ability, Chinese women’s football team is without any fear, through the efforts of positive changes and the players, the women’s on 68 minutes and 76 minutes scored two goals in a row, quickly equalised in less than ten minutes,The two sides in the score again back to the same starting line, but at this time the situation and momentum has completely come to the Chinese women’s football side, with the passage of time, the game has come to the real white-hot stage.South Korean women’s football like a hungry Wolf like crazy attack on China’s net friend, Zhu Yu like of guanyin blocks the opponent’s attack, the critical moment captain vian bottom line crosses, assists XiaoYuYi score, the referee after watching slow video replay to confirm the goal, the Chinese women’s team at the last minute by not super 3-2 reversal to beat South Korea,The Chinese women’s football team won the Asian Cup for the first time in 16 years and received a bonus of us $1 million (6.4 million RMB). With the victory of the Chinese women’s football team, the topic of The Chinese women’s football team surged into the hot search of major sports media.The People’s Daily specially congratulated the Chinese women’s football team for winning the championship, saying that we can always trust the Chinese women’s football team, which has made an epic comeback and returned to the peak of Asia. The girls of The Chinese women’s football team, you deserve all praise. There is a sonorous rose called The Chinese women’s football team.