Answer: Summary of common problems in applying engineer title in Nanjing (THREE)

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On the way of applying for professional title, if you have any questions or puzzles, please pay attention to me and Lao Wei will help you solve them.For a mixed professional title review of more than ten years of veterans, the perfect to do small, small.In the face of professional title review, I believe there are a lot of people will have more or less questions, don’t panic, old Wei sorted out some of them ask more questions, will be in the next time for you to update, chase more don’t forget to pay attention to me Q1: What is the professional title review charge standard?Nanjing city review fee requirements are determined according to the number of professional review, please see this figure Q2: what are the preferential policies for high-level personnel to declare professional titles?High-level and urgently needed talents can apply for senior professional title assessment.Photo source:People club hall of jiangsu province examination decided to declare to declare personnel qualifications, qualifications, title level and so on do not make hard and fast rules, but must possess a particular character, ability performance has reached the abnormality of corresponding professional and technical qualifications requirements, enough to make up for the aspects such as the lack of qualifications, qualifications, titles level, capable of supporting the promotion across different series level title, otherwise may not declare.This is a special declaration, before also shared the relevant article, interested friends can click to view: senior title declaration does not need thesis and continuing education hours can also?Look at this way Q3: what are the provisions of the title evaluation of the series of changes?Translate this question: “What are the rules for peer review?”The evaluation requirements of the same level and that year’s professional declaration requirements, need to meet the required number of years (except engineering series) on this aspect of the content is not much to say, there is a need for friends to view the article: evaluation title can cross professional?If you encounter problems and problems in the following areas: (1) preliminary assistant engineer (2) application review engineer or senior engineer (3) professional title paper consulting, professional title hours, patent application, professional qualifications (skills) certificate….Private letter to me life is not easy, old Wei sigh, if this article is beneficial to you, might as well like forwarding as encouragement I am old Wei, and you share more professional title related knowledge, looking forward to your attention