Britain, desolate today and glorious past

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Britain, once the empire on which the sun never set, has lost one overseas colony after another and fallen to the heel of the rice nation.It is still a permanent member of the security Council, but it is becoming less and less relevant.The British used to be known for innovation and change, but now they are synonymous with stubbornness.After the second world war, Britain’s development seemed to hit a pause button, and after Churchill, politicians’ ability to govern seemed out of line.Over the years, while the rest of the world has progressed, Britain has stagnated.The British are resting on their laurels. Most of them have become ascetic. They feel more Buddhist (as in much of the West), taking holidays, partying and following gossip.A few years ago, the UK voted to leave the European Union. Whether it was good or bad for the UK, how it decided to leave the EU is hard to explain.Britain voted to leave the European Union in a referendum.Isn’t it a bit ridiculous to ask the people to vote on such an important matter?It’s like asking a person of average intelligence, or a rabble of people, to make an important decision.Britain’s decline is deplorable.If we look back into the history of mankind, Britain was a phenomenon, with unparalleled glory and splendor.Britain is a small island country, smaller than Japan and with a small population.However, in this small place, there have been many great people, the development of human history has played a huge role in promoting.Britain is one of the most important countries in modern times, which changed the existence of the civilization level of the earth. Although it did some bad things to other countries and nations in its development process, it also brought these backward areas into modern society.Without the advent of science and technology and industrialization in Britain, human beings would have been wandering around in a feudal and ignorant world for a long time. It is impossible to overestimate Britain’s contribution to modern human civilization.Britain’s contribution to world development includes humanities and science and technology.As early as 1215, England drew up the Magna Carta, limiting the power of the monarch and emphasizing justice.In 1688, the Bill of Rights was passed, further limiting the power of the crown, which was under the law.During the Glorious Revolution, the great British thinker John Locke published his treatise on Government, which has a far-reaching influence on the whole human race. He proposed that human beings have three rights: the right to life, the right to freedom, and the sacred and inviolable right of private property.Many countries, including China, derive their constitutions from Britain.Britain’s most significant contribution to the world is the development of science and technology and the leading of mankind into the industrial age.Newton is the greatest scientist in the history of the world, and his achievements in physics and mathematics are unrivaled. He is called the father of modern science.Watt’s invention of the steam engine marked the beginning of human industrialization.Faraday is the father of electricity, Maxwell is the father of radio waves, Bacon is the father of modern experimental science, Darwin is the father of evolution, Fleming is the father of antibiotics, etc.The material civilization and scientific and technological development of today’s world are directly related to the Industrial Revolution in Britain. It was Britain that initiated the industrial Revolution and invented the steam engine, thus opening the prelude to the development of modern science and technology.The Industrial Revolution in Britain was an ideological revolution that broke through many taboos in the past and opened the modern society of mankind with a leap of imagination and creativity.However, nowadays, Britain’s influence in the world is gradually declining. The country has gradually transferred the manufacturing industry, the cornerstone of its economy, to other developing countries. The once industrialized countries no longer exist, and the national system is mainly supported by finance.When life is too easy, one loses initiative, a characteristic common to all developed countries.