Brokerage gold stock is a gold mine, how should we panning gold?

2022-05-13 0 By

In today’s update, we will talk about the brokerage gold stock, which is overlooked by many people.As we all know, brokers monthly gold shares on behalf of the market more excellent portfolio selection ability.Generally speaking, brokerage gold shares by the brokerage institute strategy group lead organization.First of all, analysts in various industries recommend 1-2 stocks with strong fundamentals, good profit space and great potential for future growth.Secondly, the strategy team of securities firms combined with market analysis and industry comparison will conduct secondary screening of individual stocks recommended by the industry and select the best of the best to launch the final monthly gold stock portfolio of securities firms.According to statistics made by fintech companies, the portfolio performance of securities brokerages’ gold shares in 2021 is generally better than the market, among which the best portfolio of securities brokerages’ gold shares has achieved an annualized performance of 80%.From the perspective of three years, there are also securities brokerages gold stock portfolio cumulative returns as high as 202%, which is also a quite excellent performance.The result is not outstanding, but rather excellent.In a word, it can be considered that brokerage gold shares are the essence of seller’s stock research, with high research value.Therefore, brokerage gold shares is a gold mine is not an exaggeration, the difficult is how to dig gold.At present, the securities broker gold stock combination can be found on the market much like cow hair, casually search can have a lot of results.So is everyone worth seeing?The answer is no.First of all, there are more than 30 active brokerages in China that have the ability to research gold stocks every month. The brokerages are different in size, strength and style.Secondly, brokerage gold shares and institutions actually hold a certain correlation.There is no lack of some institutions in the market based on the brokerage gold stock to further allocation of position portfolio, which often can run a good performance for gold stocks and has a self-reinforcing effect;But which brokerage gold shares have this magical effect?It was kept under wraps.Third, although there will be a summary version of the stock market every month, but the final result of the aggregation version is often dozens of stocks, the difficulty of choosing increased.So, we want to point out that the market is not short of gold shares, the lack of gold shares in the panning method and alchemy.The simplest method of panning for gold, is to use “brokerage selected the most” this consensus index to refine on gold, however, as we all know, the truth of the market is not controlled by the majority of people, this method is often selected white horse, but not black horse.After analyzing the historical performance data of gold shares of major securities firms, we find several characteristics: First, the big securities firms in the traditional sense are not outstanding in gold shares.The performance of gold shares at many big brokerages underperforms their market caps and the multimillion-dollar salaries paid to their researchers.The second is that there are objects worthy of exploration among small and medium-sized brokerages. For example, in 2021, kaiyuan Securities will be the champion in terms of return on securities’ gold shares, followed by Cinda Securities and Chuancai Securities, with returns of more than 50%.Third, there is a large divergence of yield rates, including the first echelon with a yield rate of more than 50%, the second echelon with a yield rate of about 20%, and the third and fourth echelon with a yield rate of less than 10% or even negative.Therefore, a more feasible way of “panning for gold” is to select the research team first.This needs to be based on the past performance of the gold stock portfolio of securities brokers, the selection of long-term excellent portfolio, the elimination of poor portfolio, the high winning rate of portfolio weighted exchange weight.Make new recommendations.After this kind of scientific method, it can theoretically stand on the shoulders of the best research of securities brokers, greatly reducing the difficulty and energy of ordinary investors to analyze the market.As for the usefulness of this method in 2022, we will track the relevant securities brokerage gold stock portfolio every month, and establish portfolio according to different weighting methods to verify, welcome to pay attention to this number will not miss the latest research results.