Gome’s full retail layout allows six platforms to build new growth engines

2022-05-13 0 By

Looking back to 2021, people’s demand is growing day by day, coupled with the trend of digitization, traditional retail are seeking for survival and change, accelerating the road of transformation.Deep retail 35 years of gome to users thinking, thinking of science and technology, platform thinking and closed-loop thinking, system to build the “online, offline, supply chain, logistics, & cloud and big data sharing and” six full retail ecological sharing platform, linkage development through six big plates, assign to each other, support each other, upgrade the internal and external potential energy,And then promote their own and business performance.According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the retail sales of urban consumer goods in 2021 reached 38,155.8 trillion yuan, an increase of 12.5% over the previous year.Retail sales of rural consumer goods totaled 5.9265 trillion yuan, up 12.1%.With the growth of county consumer demand, the sinking market is becoming a new source of increment.The construction of a sinking market depends on the abundance of goods on the one hand, and on the other hand, a sound infrastructure is needed to ensure the efficient circulation of goods.Relying on the ecological closed-loop created by the six platforms, Gome has achieved a breakthrough of nearly 2 million SKUs in all categories through the full modes of investment promotion, self-management, customization, agent operation and distribution at the end of the supply chain.At the end of the flow, Gome in-depth layout of the county, through rural consumption links.At present, Gome has realized the integration of online and offline operations. Online, a master trading platform has been formed through “True Happiness”, and a full SKU display has been realized to reach consumers across the country. In addition, the stickiness of consumption has been upgraded through the two sections of Le&Go.com.More than 4,000 offline stores across the country have been comprehensively transformed from traditional stores to display scene experience, and further enhance user engagement by improving consumer experience.In addition, Gome’s Acciona Logistics has reached more than 95% of the country’s consumers, and covers 99% of the country’s four-level address, including more than 80% of the township address.Relying on the whole retail ecology, Gome perfectly integrates the B end and the C end effectively, promotes the upgrade of supply, and drives the optimization of the whole industry, and builds a closed loop system to help consumer brands and small and medium-sized manufacturers sink.Driven by a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, big data, artificial intelligence and other technological means can more effectively insight into the market and consumer demand, promoting the reconstruction and upgrading of the ecological structure of commodity production, circulation, sales and service in the retail industry.The retail platform built by Gome is driven by digital technology. By refining a set of efficient retail management methods and process modes through internet-based and systematic means, gome has formed six mid-taiwan retail systems.With the help of digital technology, Gome completes the integration of online and offline scenes, improves the user experience of C-terminal, and helps suppliers and partners reduce costs and improve efficiency in the circulation process.According to Fang Wei, compared with traditional e-commerce giants, Gome’s cost of acquiring customers has been much lower than its peers.Through digitalization and upgrading, GOME has coordinated with six platforms, not only realizing the deep connection between supply chain end and flow end, but also forming a Gome ecosystem with full category, full scene, full channel, full link and full life cycle management of commodities.In the long run, Gome will launch a full retail ecosystem sharing platform, which will not only serve gome appliances and the entire Gome ecosystem, but also provide services for third parties to help more small, medium and micro businesses grow rapidly.Layout since the full retail, gome growth visible to the naked eye.Gome’s latest roadshow data shows that at present, the average daily live of “true happiness” more than 3 million, the total NUMBER of SKUs nearly 2 million, from 2,000 businesses to 10,000 magnitude.Fang Wei said gome’s growth trend will continue in the short and medium term, and the overall sales volume in 2022 is expected to achieve double-digit growth compared with last year.