He Chaoying fat and thin when the difference is very big, but the temperament still did not change, still have “daughter”

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# # # # life clock in winter season today what to wear in all of the clothing color, can show more shock form, but also see the “red”, the focus of the full power and strong, wearing red in the life, also all eyes brim again, might say, almost all the year round can wear red clothes, it attracts people all are very powerful, also bring energy and momentum,A lot of people love red clothes, probably like this kind of temperament.Nevertheless different red can bring a person different experience, for example the enthusiasm of big red, of wine red is depressing, the romance of peachblossom is waited a moment, go up in color card especially, although the red of different sort lets a person dazzling, but very delicate indeed.As a traditional Chinese color, it is suggested that every girl who loves beauty should have a decent red dress and choose the clothing style suitable for her, which can not only show her charm better, but also wear a different style.He Chaoying chooses a red coat, as the dominant color of clothing, which can always show unusual temperament. When wearing it, it is chic, vivid and advanced, and looks beautiful and generous. Therefore, even though there is a big difference between He Chaoying’s fat and thin, she still has the same temperament and looks like “gold”.Fashion circle and star icon are so persistent on red, how can girls who love beauty miss it!In fact, for the red clothing itself, it is very versatile, specific performance can be in the attendance of activities or private clothing, are very anti-attack.The red of large area is dyed-in high, the red of small area is not difficult also control, how to wear almost how good-looking, it is the colour that is worth everybody to try very much.Some people like red clothing, think it is a kind of color can express self charm, no matter in any case wearing, can do C, especially with black and white want to be compared, its dazzling degree is very high!A lot of girls have a special liking to the red coat, although the large area of red is indeed some dazzling, can be dressed on special occasions, still can have full temperament and charm, wear on is also very senior generous, in the red coat, with yellow line decoration, lively and delicate effect, wear on is also very atmospheric.Master the right red want to wear red, it is necessary to master the reasonable color, after all, only suitable for their own, in order to reflect the fashion force, but generally speaking, suitable for everyone can be divided into high saturation and low saturation.In high saturated red: red of rose red, red, macaroon, can improve effectively the depressing feeling that wear build, enhance a focus to still have temperament very much, the key is this kind of colour reduces age very lively.Low saturated red in: apple red, berry red, gem red and wine red, taking composed and intellectual feeling, also be the colour that won’t go wrong at the same time, yellow skin also can control.Red + black do not go wrong in the dress wear matching color, many girls feel that a large area of 100% red wear, it is difficult to wear a sense of fashion, then might as well use red and other colors to match, such as red + black, very delicate and very square.These two kinds of colour undertake combination, be destined to be not simple existence, the black of collect inside and enthusiastic red confluence, show low-key as it happens with focus, do not violate with.Fit to have white space feeling at the same time in the whole outfit, if feel boring, boring can be appropriately, for example, in choosing a black skirt, revealing a small cut line of the leg and ankle, would not seem so heavy clothing, can also avoid the old, winter clothes look very thin, so He Chao surplus even fatter carry “a not-so-rich” appearance, good in red,Nice temperament.The sheet of gules dress tastes the skirt that reveals gules to wipe the dress of bosom gules is the mind that the schoolgirl still is good, although be in this numerous times of dress, if say to absorb eyeball feeling, gules skirt cannot little.No matter wipe bosom design, or other form, can show the beauty that gives a woman to a certain extent, combine grace and simple sense very well, tight version + the lower hem that opens fork, also won’t tighten, tie-in flower form, good absorb eye.Red bud silk coat + red red coat bust skirt looks very simple, actually decorated with lace, hollow out and sequins, appear clothing has a lot of style, both won’t appear dull and simple but elegant, also can wear a different emotional wind, at the same time is also very have feminine taste wine red, lower body is tie-in a red bust skirt of tall waist, long version + hang down feeling is very good fabric,Can play a very good slimming effect, more suitable for small fat star wear, elegant leg length.Red hollow-out dress is a red dress with gas quality, even as a daily wear, will not have any sense of violation, wear to show temperament also show thin, but also appear very attractive.The upper part of the slim + small hollow decoration, reflecting the vaguely sexy, the lower part of the pleated skirt form, but also the field show thin, wear very delicate.Therefore, “red clothing” is suitable for any occasion, with small white he Chaoying so wear, domineering still fashionable, very feminine.