2-0, 40% possession 10 shots!Two games zero wins five goals, 360 million strong resurgence, Real Madrid need to be careful

2022-05-14 0 By

West re-scheduled week 23 round, real betis against villarreal, before the game, can widely valued real betis win, after all the game state and strength from the past, real betis stronger as the great dark horse, even if the strength of villarreal team also not bad, but under the condition of multiple fronts this season,The past champions league cup also appeared a one-sided record, also is the champions league is very fierce, the swooning in la liga, but in the near future, villarreal team without the interference of the champions league tournament, imperceptible in, rapid recovery, eventually the game, at villarreal team had the last laugh, 2-0 beat his opponent, won two wins in a row,It’s very high value and it’s lifted the morale of the team.Simple review under it, the two teams played very close at the start stage, in terms of ball control and organization, the two teams are very close, but with the development of game time, blessing, at home to real betis more proactive, first entered the game, the ball rate is as high as sixty percent, and villarreal’s possession rate is only forty percent,From this aspect, once the outside world thinks villarreal team this service is ominous.In the offensive shooting, the two teams are also very evenly matched, the royal Betis all 9 shots, and villarreal team all 10 feet home, although the gap is not big, but villarreal team’s desire to win is obviously more strong;The first goal came in the 40th minute when Fernando Torres scored to give Villarreal an early 1-0 lead.At 1-0 down, real betis strengthened the kickback, but under the villarreal team defense, they has failed to break the deadlock, while villarreal team began to slowly but surely, in the defense also was threatening counter-attack, easily in the second half side again after the war, the two teams start stage, remained deadlocked, with the consumption of time, thought the game,Villarreal would eventually win by one goal, but it was not expected that Capue scored in the 82nd minute to seal the 2-0 victory for villarreal.After it, imperceptible in, villarreal team won two wins in a row, and two is zero opponent, at the same time combined covered 5 feet, showed a strong trend of recovery, and in terms of the table, they from middle position to sixth, is back on track, according to villarreal team overall strength,Their goal is the champions league and Europa league area, now back on track after, also comes at a full-fledged state, to this, real Madrid need to be careful, because the next game, real Madrid is villarreal team of rivals, because in the championship, real Madrid’s integral advantage is not big, if not add value, defeat against villarreal team is also very possible.