Dou break sky: Why xiao Yan never tell the secret of medicine dust to the confidant beside?

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Hello, everyone. I’m Toji Anime.Since to uniting the start again, medicine dust is ZSZSZSZ biggest secret, because medicine dust lose flesh, has hit the bucket height, so even if a lot of fights Wang Qiangzhe couldn’t find his existence, this also let ZSZSZSZ practice early has gone through the roof, on the surface of his practice resources and background are not equal to the brightest young students,One good teacher trumps all.Medicine dust gave Xiao Yan the highest practice method, but also at the critical moment to protect his safety, can not say that there is no medicine dust xiao Yan, but there is a question, why Xiao Yan medicine dust this matter from everyone, including his father and many confidants.First of all to say is Xiao Xuner Xiao Xuner from ancient clan, side still follow LingYing such emperor fight the strong, although he had been secretly protecting, but should be, then I appear beside Xiao Xuner, I’m afraid ZSZSZSZ Xiao Xuner father can think will take Xiao Xuner experiment, a period when constantly and nourish the bone for each other,And his action also opened the young girl’s heart directly, no matter what thing Xiao Yan encounters, Xiao Smoked son can stand in his side, can be said to be his most trustworthy person, but even if such Xiao Yan also did not reveal the secret on the body.In fact, this is because the existence of medicine dust in the Empire is too shocking, the people here to douzong level has been very great, if they know the existence of medicine dust, I’m afraid they have to fight over each other to grab, Xiao Yan because of its crime will be implicated, and even be killed.He has the heart of a strong man, would rather take everything on his own, also do not want to trouble the people around him.ZSZSZSZ troubler people around him, also afraid of his father and even don’t know the background of Xiao Xuner, are all he CARES about, know his secret was known as the secret, because less people know, the better, even if he told the people around very trust, also can’t inform the other party, that can make them into dangerous territory, by soul family, the father of this from ZSZSZSZ, search the memory can support,If anything goes wrong, he could be in the horcruxes’ sights ahead of time.And ZSZSZSZ also eaten kui in women’s body, he wanted to win over LAN, smile can let each other know, he actually did, on the inheritance, to start with cultivating the YunLan, but if he has collected ZSZSZSZ such a good teacher estimates will be in thousands of miles away, off his body has so strong appeal, and his mystique is inseparable,If the women around him know that he has such a good teacher, then his aura will dim.To put it bluntly, Perhaps Xiao yan himself is a bit vanity, he likes to surprise others and make them feel powerful, which also makes him full of satisfaction., of course, all this can’t mess with Xiao Xuner, at least in the late Xiao Xuner practice focus to ensure security of ZSZSZSZ knew him always follow a mysterious, like dust medicine this state is not in the minority, but because of mixed race’s capture, just make medicine dust is very special, in front of the ancient clan, the strength of the medicine dust don’t consider as what,However, Xiao Xuner is more willing to respect Xiao Yan, he also has some secrets, so he does not take the initiative to reveal, love a person can do so attentively, Xiao Yan is really happy.Of course, the main lesson here is to control the desire to show off when you achieve something, so that you can go further.I am Dongji animation, welcome to share your comments, like attention.