Douyin, Jingdong, Tmall and other major e-commerce platforms book sales data battle report

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In the post-epidemic era, the reading atmosphere is strong.Looking back to 2021, e-commerce platforms have revealed their results by participating in various book sales events.Look from the whole, each book electric business all overachieves the predetermined goal.In terms of book sales categories, social science, children’s and literature are the most popular, while in terms of urban distribution, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are the most active regions for book purchases.From the perspective of channels, the channel construction of major e-commerce platforms is more mature.In this regard, the net economic society of Douyin, JINGdong, Dangdang, Tmall and other major e-commerce platforms book sales data war report.Jingdong books 2021 bestseller list, a total of about 2,000 books, a total of literature, social science, economic management, inspirational and other 10 sub-list, each list has special list of new books, a total of about 2,000 books outline the best-selling password of 2021 book market.Jd’s bestseller list shows that books on the theme of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), as well as books related to the annual hot concepts such as carbon neutrality and meta-universe, have enjoyed good sales, reflecting that bestsellers are closely related to the theme of The Times and the hot topics of the year.”Revival of classics” is often the best-selling password of books, and the new trend of life is bound to produce a number of corresponding best-selling books;Law, word dictionary, examination and other just need books, as well as children’s books, parenting, health, inspirational and other soft just need books, is difficult for people to bypass in study and life;Regardless of literature, economic management, or inspirational, life books, the author’s celebrity effect plus quality content can often make the best-selling books form a superposition effect.The 2021 Douyin E-commerce Book Consumption Report was released on Dec 30.In 2021, there will be a strong demand for reading across the nation, and the sales of books on Douyin e-commerce will grow significantly.According to the report, online book sales on the platform increased 312% year on year, with the sales of science and technology books growing fastest.(See: Douyin Online Book Consumption Report: Helped publishing institutions to grow online book sales by 312% year on year.) Meanwhile, in 2021, The total live streaming of Douyin books with goods reached 5.818 million hours, with a total of 8.05 billion live views and 148.57 billion videos on book topics.Driven by interest e-commerce, the consumption scale of books on the platform has developed rapidly, with sales increasing by 312% and the number of consumers by 205% year-on-year this year.For a growing number of readers, learning about books through short videos and live broadcasts and choosing books that interest them have become part of daily life, with more than 450,000 books sold daily through douyin, according to the report.In 2021, Dangdang continues to evolve, abolishing the commodity-centered category system in its business form and transforming itself into a culture company.Under the guidance of this strategy, Dangdang launched the biggest organizational restructuring in its history in the middle of the year, which achieved initial results in 2021.Liu Yu, who is in charge of the main station purchasing center of Dangdang Publications Division, reviewed dangdang’s achievements in 2021.Based on the continuous promotion of scenario-based marketing reform, dangdang’s active customers increased by 24% year-on-year to 60 million in 2021, among which female customers accounted for 53% and male customers accounted for 47%.In terms of urban distribution, fourth – and fifth-tier cities are still the fastest growing cities, the same as last year.In 2021, guangdong, Jiangsu and Shandong are the three most popular provinces for buying books.Beijing slipped to fifth place from second last year.In addition, on September 8, 2021, The douyin account of Dangdang achieved the record of GMV (transaction amount) exceeding one million in a single match. It is the first account of a publishing institution to achieve a sales volume of one million, and the first account of the book industry to exceed 2 million users.And the “Double 11” in 2021, under the efforts of Dangdang self-seeding team, the sales of bestsellers increased by more than 110% year on year, and the sales of some books that are not well sold at ordinary times also increased significantly, with the sales growth reaching an astonishing 600% year on year.Analysis of the reasons behind the two large growth is mainly due to the realization of live broadcast scene, the mode of hypermarket and the insistence on content quality.Different from the previous hosts sitting in the live broadcast room simply showing books and working hard to speak, dangdang live broadcast team broke through the limit of live broadcast venue, live broadcast in the warehouse, so that consumers have a sense of immersive.On the one hand, close the distance with consumers through live broadcasting;On the other hand, viewers have a more direct picture of Dangdang’s service experience behind their purchasing behavior.This kind of going out live broadcasting, its number of viewers and transaction volume are boosted by the new scenes.Although children’s books in the trill books category, the biggest selling dangdang is the most advantage of its own category, but fu hsuean said in dangdang on selected products and operations, dangdang network studio did not wedded to the track crowded children’s book category, but stick to hypermarket model, make its trill currently the only studio insist to do the whole category.In the selection of products, in addition to recommending popular books, focus on recommending only in the broadcast room only some welfare books, highlighting the channel advantages of the broadcast room.Hypermarket mode + full category advantages, so that Dangdang always walk in the forefront of the live track.Here, Dangdang, a Chinese book e-commerce company, released a book titled 2021 Youth Life Reading Guide, which further supports the nationwide sports craze.According to dangdang data, the variety and number of customers of sports and fitness books will increase in 2021, with more young people buying more kinds of sports and fitness books.According to Dangdang’s 2021 Youth Life Reading Guide, sports Transform the Brain, Fitness Nutrition Complete Book and Running Bible are among the best-selling sports books in 2021.The popularity of such books reflects today’s young people’s understanding of sports: instead of blindly exercising, they focus on understanding their own body functions, taking appropriate medicine, and exercising their body and mind efficiently.This is not only reflected in young People’s Daily sports. Flying man Su Bingtian proves with his actions that sports need scientific support.Before the men’s 100m final at the Tokyo Olympics, Su Bingtian pulled a tape measure from his shorts as other nations measured the starting blocks with their feet. Su’s remarkable performance was made possible by his scientific rigor.The TOP10 list of books in nine categories, including science and technology, life, economics and management, extracurricular reading, children’s books, literary fiction, humanities and social sciences, art biography and inspiration, was released by dangdang on November 17, 2021.The list of book suppliers including these nine categories and youth animation categories is also published to major publishing organizations.According to the list data from WWW.100EC.CN, among Chinese children’s books, let’s Read Happily, edited by Peking University professor Cao Wenxuan and others, Mi Xiaohuan Goes to School by beimao, a children’s book author, and Ma Xiaotiao, a Naughty bag, by Yang Hongying, made the list.Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling topped the list, while popular science classics including DK Encyclopedia of Natural History and The Magic School Bus also made the list.