“Employee Star” exhibition style brave struggle for further achievements

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“Employee star” exhibition elegant style brave struggle to achieve success again “Chen Ge, look, you were named branch” dedication of the star “!””You and Jiang Wei are the star of service and the star of epidemic prevention.We should learn from you!”Dagang Oilfield Electric Power Company Garden hydropower service branch of 2021 “employee star” list once posted, caused a hot discussion among cadres and workers.To better arouse the working enthusiasm and creativity of employees, encourage employees to active learning, hard work, in order to point with surface, to create “leading thought, very skillful, efficient, high-quality service” of the staff, formed “than, learn, catch, help,” the good working atmosphere, effectively motivate performance good staff and set up the typical employees,The branch organizes the selection of “Employee Star” and awards corresponding titles to employees who are dedicated, active, hard working and outstanding in production, operation, management and service work.It contains ten star categories, including the star of position, the star of safety, the star of service, the star of learning, the star of efficiency, the star of saving, the star of epidemic prevention, the star of cleanliness, the star of maintenance and the star of dedication.The selection campaign started on January 7 and will be carried out in four stages: “voting, on-site vote counting, candidate push and candidate confirmation”.The branch adheres to the principle of employees’ recognition and selecting the best from the best, and adopts a combination of top and bottom methods to select the best, and finally ten employees stand out.In order to make these advanced models become the model for the majority of employees to learn from, the branch company posted photos in the staff world for publicity and recognition, so that these advanced typical figures are known in the branch, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm and positive energy of all employees.”I want to take these” employees star “as an example, always keep in mind the original intention of oil and electricity protection, and actively perform the duty of oil and electricity protection” just transferred electrician Fan Qingyan firmly said.By carrying out this activity, the company aims to take “employee star” as an example in the New Year, carry forward the spirit of innovation, strive for excellence, never forget the original aspiration, forge ahead, roll up sleeves and work hard, and make greater contributions to the construction of first-class digital intelligence power grid!(Zhang Hongying)