From 2 positive to 9 people, China women’s basketball back to the domestic far from being possible, is how contagious?

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On February 14, Beijing time, two of the Chinese women’s basketball team tested positive for COVID-19 during the World Cup qualifier, leaving the team stranded in Belgrade. The Chinese Basketball Association wished the girls safe return.On February 17th Beijing time, the situation got worse.According to the latest report, the number of positive Chinese women’s basketball team has increased by 7, has reached 9 positive, domestic fans.For this reason, the Chinese Basketball Association immediately reported the situation to the Chinese Embassy. Beijing Youan Hospital appointed seven experts including the president, vice president and director of infectious disease department to form a team to provide remote diagnosis and treatment guidance and consultation services, and increased the frequency of nucleic acid testing to one test every day.The spread of the virus from two to nine indicates that it is highly active.From Tokyo Olympic Games began, The Chinese athletes for many times, the vast majority have not appeared such an emergency situation.What’s the problem?Some fans believe that the women’s basketball team is too careless in the prevention and control of the epidemic.The team for Belgrade consists of 14 players plus coaching and support staff, totaling 26.Since the beginning of COVID-19, the Chinese women’s basketball team has participated in the Preliminary Games of the Olympic Games, the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Asian Women’s Basketball Cup, all of which have been safely returned to China. It is said that the Chinese women’s basketball team has rich experience in prevention and control, and is unlikely to be infected by negligence in daily circumstances.Therefore, it is more likely to be infected by contact during competition.The Chinese women’s basketball team left Beijing for Belgrade on February 5 and played Nigeria, Mali and France on February 10, 11 and 13 respectively.According to the regulations, nucleic acid tests should be carried out before the match to ensure the safety of the players. No case was found in the previous match. However, after the match between The Chinese team and The French women’s basketball team, the number of positive nucleic acid tests was increased to 9 three days later.According to this situation, I think the source of infection may come from some players of the three teams. Different from the strict management of the Chinese team, the awareness of COVID-19 prevention and control in foreign countries is very weak, and it is more likely to catch the virus if you go out to play during the games.With 230,000 new arrivals in Germany, 150,000 in Russia and nearly 100,000 in France, Europe has seen another big outbreak this winter, and they are not as serious about COVID-19 as they were at the start of last year.The Chinese women’s basketball team was recruited this time, which may be related to the incubation period of pre-match detection.The experience of Beijing Guoan echelon team in the Asian Champions League can give a reference template, they are also due to the AFC’s lack of attention to epidemic prevention and recruitment.At that time, the Philippines football team FC United City also had a number of positive cases, but guoan contacted the AfC and said, “Those who tested positive will be quarantined and the match will go on as usual.” As a result, its players were infected during the match.The general indulgence of The coronavirus in Europe has also made the quarantine in Serbia more relaxed. It seems that the risk of playing in Europe is much higher than in Asia, which also reminds our team to be more careful.The Women’s football team returned from the Asian Cup in India with great anxiety. It is well known that The epidemic prevention and control in India is very bad, but the women’s football team was once close to a COVID-19 positive person.In the group stage, the Indian women’s soccer team was unable to form a sufficient team to play the next two matches because many of them were positive for COVID-19.When I heard this news, I was very worried, because The Chinese women’s football team played against The Iranian women’s football team in the second round of the group stage, and Iran had already played against The Indian team in the first round. It should not be a long path from the Indian women’s football team to Iran and then to The Chinese women’s football team, but the Chinese women’s football team was not harmed.From the defeat of Iran women’s football team on January 23 to the defeat of South Korea on February 6, the middle span of nearly half a month, even if the incubation period of 14 days is enough, but until the return to isolation, there has not been a positive, which indicates that this thing is really a bit of luck.’!’!According to China’s epidemic prevention and control requirements, the nucleic acid test must be negative within 48 hours before boarding the plane to return to China. Therefore, the infected women’s basketball team must stay in the local area.Therefore, from treatment to recovery, and three negative nucleic acid tests, it is estimated that the return time of the women’s basketball player is about half a month, which is estimated according to the standard of mild patients.The criteria for mild cure are three consecutive negative nucleic acid tests and obvious absorption of the lesion on imaging, usually within 1 week to 2 weeks.Compared with the Beijing Guoan Team, which participated in the Asian Champions League last year, The Chinese women’s basketball team is undoubtedly luckier. The players returned home in four batches from the beginning of July to November last year, which is a special journey for people.Of course, the main reason is the uzbekistan flight meltdown.After the women’s basketball players are cured, it is much easier to return to China from Europe. After that, they also have to go through the quarantine period of 14+7, which is also very difficult for them. After more than a month of rest, these girls may be fat.As a matter of fact, as long as the prevention and control measures are strict, the risks are far less. For example, in the ongoing Beijing Winter Olympics, there are two nucleic acid tests before and after the mass competitions, not to mention the athletes of all countries living and competing in a completely closed state, which greatly enhances the safety factor.