It’s a Toyota SUV with personality. It’s a volley. It’s a knockout

2022-05-14 0 By

Toyota ling on class belongs to the midsize SUV, natural look tall, handsome appearance, so I think with any configuration will be pleasing to the eye, control the size of the nine inches, I really like the big size control, although looks very delicate, but I prefer the big size of the atmosphere, and the matching degree is higher, but the texture is great and compensate for the lack of some.Since it’s an SUV, it must have a lot of space, which is why I chose an SUV.It not only looks good but also offers a high level of comfort and is very comfortable to ride in. When it comes to space, I must compliment the trunk, it is very well designed and I brought a lot of things back from home and put them down.In addition, the trunk design is great, it is easy to use and you don’t have to worry about not opening.In this driving time, the power is also the most satisfying point for me. At the beginning, the speed was very fast, and the reaction speed at the beginning shocked me. The maximum power of 178 horses made the car go very fast, which was not a problem.Strong explosive force when accelerating, good smoothness, good balance.The speed of the car is relatively stable during the rise, without any sense of frustration, although the acceleration is very fast, but also belongs to the trend of steady rise.The multimedia controls show the high-tech performance, the operation is quick and the material is easy to take care of and won’t fall off easily, but IF the size of the central control can be bigger, I prefer it.This kind of car has relatively high cost performance. When buying a car, it mainly depends on the appearance and comfort of the car, which is very suitable for long-distance travel.There is no problem with the comfort of the vehicle. The front and back are independent suspension, so there is no need to worry about the stability of the car. The auxiliary function is comprehensive, and the adjustment is very easy.This car has lived up to my choice for so long.I am also a pursuit of stimulation once in a while, I like the speed to bring me happiness, of course, bad road conditions is must pay attention to safety, but drive a good car, is actually a step on the accelerator of that kind of feeling, I can feel that kind of rich feeling, just like you in the race, you’re ready to sprint, like this feeling,Then I was surprised when I accelerated. I didn’t lag at all. I felt that my strength could keep up with the speed I wanted.