Old winter games we played that year

2022-05-14 0 By

Once, that is in primary school you, whether there is such a sigh: it is really good, and winter vacation, can enjoy and friends to play games together, do not have to be mother worried about catching home to write homework.I wonder, now, in order to be able to live a decent life, the life of the desperate you, do you often think of that time playing the old game?Do you remember the friends you played games with in those years?Occasionally, when you put down your work and are in a trance, you will unconsciously think of playing a game with a friend. The figure of three people playing charades appears in front of you. You write a big Chinese character on the back of a friend and ask him to guess what the Chinese character is.Let another friend watch as the judge, and count the number of guesses by writing “positive”.Sometimes the word game just finished words can be guessed, his face smile than blooming flowers are beautiful;Sometimes, after thinking for a long time, he failed to guess that his frowning expression was like a bitter melon.Sometimes he whispered for a rewrite, and he looked as pitiful as a wronged kitten.The thought of a partner that rich expression, instantly cure their depressed.Then again, the crossword puzzle is an intelligent game that exercises concentration and perception and improves literacy, writing and counting.Now, can you think of any other smart games you’ve played?If you really can’t remember, you might as well read “Old Games, Old Times” edited by Zhang Runxi. This book is a collection of 73 games, 10 of which are smart games, to awaken your long-buried memories and relive the happy days of your childhood.