Why can’t we plant Ficus virens at home?

2022-05-14 0 By

First of all, because ficus virens have large plants and long roots, it is difficult to adapt to the growth of Ficus virens in narrow family space.Second, Ficus virens have strict requirements on the growth environment. Only the place with open terrain, sufficient light and fertile soil can make Ficus virens grow normally.Therefore, one cannot plant Ficus virens in the home.Why Ficus Virens can only be planted outdoors Because the outdoor space is large and can accommodate the growth of Ficus Virens.Ficus virens in the growth process of the stem will become very strong and straight, branches and leaves will become extremely numerous.Therefore, compared with narrow space, wide outdoor planting is more suitable for the growth and development of Ficus virens.At the same time, Huangfichu Xiyang has high requirements for illumination.The growing environment of half shade and half sun is not enough for it, it needs to absorb enough heat to maintain its growth, and outdoor planting can meet its growth needs.Finally, ficus virens have dense branches and leaves in the growth process, which are easy to be scratched if planted at home.Especially there are children and old people in the family, planting Ficus virens should be very cautious.Therefore, Ficus virens can only be planted outdoors.In addition, Ficus jurens has high requirements on fertilization, and when it grows to a certain stage, it is easy to cause various symptoms of fertilizer deficiency.Therefore, if planted outdoors, remember to replenish nutrients to it in time, otherwise, Ficus virens easy to grow poorly.