Winter Olympic flag bearer Zhao Dan is how “lian Cheng”?The reporter interviewed the first coach and his family

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One of the flag-bearers of the Chinese delegation at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is female skeleton bobsledder Zhao Dan.Zhao Dan, who was born in 2002, has just celebrated his 19th birthday.She was originally trained in track and field events. Through cross-disciplinary selection, she was selected to join the China Skeleton bobsled Team in 2018 and became the youngest athlete in the national skeleton bobsled team.Zhao Dan qualified for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics with the highest total score in the domestic Olympic trials.Her family and her first coach are in Inner Mongolia, but their hearts are in the Beijing Olympics.Zhao Dan was born in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. In 2016, at the age of 13, Zhao Dan was selected by the school’s track and field team to train. He had to repeat several seemingly simple movements, such as run-up, arm swing and long jump, thousands of times every day.Zhang Xin, Zhao Dan’s first coach, recalled that when he first met Zhao Dan, he felt that she looked like an athlete. “She was tall and powerful, so I caught her at the first sight.She started training with me in 2016 and later changed to the long jump and triple jump.”After nearly three years of hard training, Zhao Dan reached an important turning point in his sports career in 2018.After winning two gold MEDALS in the Inner Mongolia Regional Sports meeting, her outstanding performance brought her more attention.In the same year, The China Skeleton snow Team selected talents for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. This time, short jumper was given priority in the cross-sport selection, so the Chinese skeleton snow team offered zhao Dan an olive branch.Zhao Haifeng, the father of Zhao Dan, said that the family was hesitant to cross the sport at first, but they respected Zhao Dan’s choice.”What if we can’t adapt to this project? Besides, it’s far away from home. We are also worried.When she finished, she said she enjoyed it and got used to it.”According to zhang Xin, her first coach, Zhao Dan performed well in the audition and ranked first in the overall score of the test. In October 2018, she was selected to the national team.Zhao Dan, then under 17 years old, was the youngest athlete selected for the national women’s skeleton snow team.However, her excellent physical condition soon made her favored by the national team coaching staff, and her performance improved rapidly in the past four years.She won the 7th place of women’s individual event in The Winter Olympic Games and the gold medal of Intercontinental Cup innsbruck.Zhao Dan qualified for the Beijing Winter Olympics with the highest total score in the domestic trials.Cho S father, Cho Hae-bong, said that he had little chance to see his daughter for the past two years, but through high-level competitions and intensive training, he felt that Cho had grown and matured.”When she’s not busy or resting, we do video contact.She’s in great shape, especially when she was chosen as flagbearer. She didn’t say it, but I couldn’t hide my joy when I saw her video.”Zhao Dan’s family and coach are all watching her performance and cheering her for the Upcoming Olympic Games.Her father, Zhao Haifeng, said he hoped she would achieve good results on behalf of the country.Coach Zhang Xin also “shout words across the air” Zhao Dan, cheer for her: “Zhao Dan come on, win glory for the country!Master and your teammates are cheering for you in Hohhot. No matter where you are, you are the best!”Wang Weifan, Editor, Gao Dandan, Voice of China (ID: ZGZS001)