A couple were arrested on the second day of their engagement for helping to send letters, and their bank cards could not be lent out

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On February 9 this year, a woman surnamed Mei and her fiance were detained by police in Nanling County, Anhui Province, on suspicion of helping the letter.The two married on Feb. 8, the day before.During detention May hope to write a paragraph to let the police transferred to fiance Li.The police considered to be conducive to the transformation of two people and just engaged to the situation, agreed.On the note, Mei wrote, “Don’t blame yourself. Wait until we come out together and try to explain to my parents, and then get married.”It can be seen that the relationship between the two is still very good.If I really took this opportunity to turn over a new leaf, maybe my life would be very different.After the news came out, many netizens asked what is the crime of aiding trust.The full name of crime of aiding in trust is crime of aiding in information network crime. It refers to a natural person or a unit that knowingly provides Internet access, server hosting, network storage, communication transmission and other technical support for others to commit crimes by using information network, or provides assistance in advertising promotion, payment and settlement, if the circumstances are serious.It seems a little complicated, we may encounter, is to lend bank cards and online payment account.If someone is engaged in online gambling or fraud, they need a lot of bank cards and online payment accounts.This has led to the lending of personal bank cards and online payment accounts for profit.Some people just want to make small profits, while others lend their bank cards or online payment accounts to others out of loyalty.Constitute this crime of course to know the other party is used for network crime above all, the second has some specific standards, the most easy to touch the standard is to lend the bank card settlement amount of more than 200,000.Consider that online gambling and fraud can easily reach 200,000 yuan.Basically, as long as you know the other party is engaged in network fraud, you still lend bank cards may be suspected of helping the crime of letter.If someone asks you to borrow your bank card or Alipay account, explicitly say no.Others can not use their own card must use yours, there is probably something fishy.Follow me and bring you legal knowledge behind news events.Thank you for your attention and thumbs up. I can’t create without your support.I want to know more exciting content, come and pay attention to Yue Yi ‘an