Why didn’t Cao Cao dethrone Emperor Xian of han and declare himself emperor instead of Han?The public support to Han but their own foundation is not stable

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When it comes to the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty and the triad of The Three Kingdoms, it can be said that the advisors were like rain, leaving a deep imprint on the land of China.The rise of powerful figures in all sides, for the control of the world, fighting with each other.After decades of intense competition, with the collapse of the Eastern Han Dynasty, China officially entered The Three Kingdoms Era.Before this, for a long period of time, the north was occupied by Cao Cao, while the south was led by Liu Bei and Sun Quan respectively, who fought against Cao Cao.As the world became more and more clear, cao’s prestige in the north increased. Cao PI, the son of Cao Cao, finally took the place of Han and established the State of Wei, known as Cao Wei.In fact, when Cao Cao ruled the north, he was able to stand on his own two feet and leave Emperor Xian aside.However, Cao Cao did not act this way and remained the king of Wei under the title of Emperor Xian of Han and a subject of the Eastern Han Dynasty until his death.This reflects cao Cao’s ability to control the general trend of the world and endurance.From the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty to the time when Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Quan came to the forefront, although powerful figures around the Central Plains chased for hegemony, they did not give up their territories and still regarded themselves as ministers and respected the Emperor of the Eastern Han Dynasty.And the reason is not complicated, since the establishment of the Western Han Dynasty at the beginning, the Chinese land under the rule of the Han Dynasty has lasted for nearly five hundred years, during the Han Dynasty, the majesty of the country spread all sides surrender, the Han family majesty has long been deeply popular.Although, at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the prestige of the dynasty was in disrepute, but it was an indisputable fact that the people were loyal to the Han dynasty.Therefore, when the various influential figures expanded, they still called themselves han ministers, indicating that the Eastern Han dynasty still had great appeal.Just because of this, cao Cao later “coerce the son of heaven to order the princes”.Faced with centuries of han prestige, Cao Cao, even when he later became the de facto ruler of the north, did not dare to touch it – he needed time to establish himself.Of course, if Cao Cao was able to cross the Yangtze River and take over the whole Chinese land and become the founder of the reorganization of the universe when he just unified the north, he could take the Eastern Han dynasty instead.However, cao Cao’s ambition was completely burned out by a fire in Chibi. When he returned to the north in disgrace, he realized that he had not been recognized by the world and that the time for unification had not come.Under the circumstances of difficult to unify the world, rashly acting on behalf of the Han independence, can only be attacked by others, he must become a traitor, for everyone despised.After cao Cao returned to the north, he managed the area under his control to restore the agricultural production which had collapsed due to the prolonged war.Also want to through long-term influence, in order to establish their own prestige in the folk, for the subsequent generation of Han independence to lay a solid foundation.However, this process is doomed to be very long, long until the death of Cao Cao just ripe opportunity.This is also the key to Cao Cao’s ability to win the battle from the rest of the pack, with extraordinary endurance and biding his time.Although cao Cao himself did not experience the title of emperor, he left a great legacy to the Tsau clan, and when Tsau PI decided to take over the han dynasty, almost no one objected.With their support, the last emperor of the Eastern Han dynasty, Emperor Xian, was forced to abdicate his throne to Cao PI, who founded his own dynasty, wei.And the starting point of all this is cao Cao’s management of the north, I believe that the final unification of the north hao Xiong, at this time, the heart will feel very gratified.Thank you for your attention and support, please like, comment and forward.